Friday, December 19, 2014


                                                                                                                                                      (Copyright Christine A. Jones)
"Glory to God in the highest..."
"The TRUE LIGHT that enlightens every man has come into the world..."
"...and THE LIGHT shines on in the darkness and the darkness has never put it out."

 May you truly have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

See you after the holidays.
My love to you all.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


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W is for WATER
You may have heard about California's four years of drought.  In the last couple of months there have been several episodes of rain from Los Angeles and north of there.  But we, down in San Diego, have missed most of these episodes, which is probably to be expected because we are officially a desert climate.  L.A. is typically expected to get more rain than us.  

But we too have suffered less than our usual 10" a year -- only 4"  so far this year-- that is until this past weekend.  Our poor creek had almost dried up but look at it now:
 These photos are taken from the end of of our yard.  The bank is steeper than it looks.

 Our new tree, planted by the park HOA on the bank last week looks a little bedraggled but I think it is still alive.  It took quite a pounding with winds and heavy tropical-type rain.

 Our neighbor's new tree, a pepper tree, so I'm told, looks like it really relished the rain.

 The water was really surging down under the bridge.  What excitement to see and hear the waves rushing along down to the ocean about 2 miles away! 

 I took this shot while sitting up in bed !!  I can actually see the creek, when it's full, without getting out of bed!  Not to worry, though. Within 24 hours the creek is almost back to its normal depth.
A beautiful rainbow appeared later that afternoon.  So beautiful!  In all, we received 1 1/2 inches of rain.  Everything looks so clean and green.

God is good all the time.  All the time God is good.

This is my entry for ABC Wednesday.  Please give a big round of applause to Mrs. Nesbitt and Roger Owen Green and their helpers for keeping this going for so many years.  To view more fascinating and educating entries please click HERE

Saturday, December 13, 2014


MY FAVORITE POSTS OF 2014 -- We had to choose one or two of our own favorite pieces of artwork submitted to Creative Tuesday this year.

I chose this picture of the old barn, because I think it is one of my better pieces this year.  It is a real place located only about a half a mile away.

I chose this second piece because I like the mood of it.  The birds are so typical of what I see around me every day.  I feel like there is some movement in the picture though it may not be the best I've done technically.  We don't have snow here and there should be some background behind the snow, but the birds give me much pleasure.  I love to see them waiting for the feeder to be filled.


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Wednesday, December 3, 2014


All the credit for the first part of this post goes to ALAN BURNETT, a Yorkshireman whose blog is entitled NEWS from NOWHERE.  (Click on this title.)
I am fascinated by this photograph which Alan posted on his blog.  I love the many shades of color and the textures within it.  I like things that are colorful and have shape symmetry and perhaps a purpose to them.  But to me this is beautiful.  I could live with it even if it were a mural. I have been back and visited it a number of times.  He says that he took it with his new camera which he calls his Little Nik.  (for more details on this camera please click on the link to Alan's blog, above. ) Then I read that Alan had UNWITTINGLY produced this wonderful piece of art.  He explains:
"This image was another shot gone wrong. It started as a slightly out of focus shot of some fallen Autumn leaves. I tried to sharpen it up using Photoshop and obviously pressed the wrong button".
Since I have just spent the last hour trying to cut and paste the above quote, I DO KNOW how UNPREDICTABLE technology can be -- (especially if you are using Windows 8!)  But this photo is pure serendipity, (only we are supposed to be using words beginning with U!).

Here is the original photo, beautiful in itself, but I still love the one  it produced.

Since neither of these photos are mine, I do ask you to respect that these photos are the property of Alan Burnett of "News from Nowhere" .  See link above.

Another U word is UNWILLING. I took the photo of this tree  on Monday.  It is called Liquid Amber and has been gradually developing this color over the past two months going through various shades until it has become this beautiful wine color.  

This tree seems UNWILLING to drop its leaves, even though all the others like it up and down the street have lost at least half of theirs, if not all. 

This is my entry to ABC Wednesday, started by Mrs. Nesbitt, continued by Roger Owen Green and his team of helpers.  We are now about to start our 16th round.  Please click HERE to see other entries and how about considering joining us in the new round?

Saturday, November 29, 2014


The theme this session is "DECEMBER".  We don't get much December weather down here.  Mostly we get a couple of days of rain followed by temps in the 60's throughout December, January and February.  Sometimes a 'cold', windy rainstorm sets us all to complaining.  We are so spoiled.  But right now we are anticipating some rain next week and we are cheering.  It feels like we have had summer since last March.   Even so, when the day is sunny and dry, the nights are cold and our birds, especially the migrating ones, are glad for some extra seed.

Hungry birds, a bare-branched sight
On snow-bright days. Collecting sun
And snatching seed ‘gainst frost-cold night.
December has begun.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Not a very imaginative topic, but then I do love trees.  There is quite an assortment of trees along our creek which definitely adds to the rural feeling of the setting. A couple of days ago one of the park workers came by to look at the trees just off our property and on the bank of the creek.  He told me they will be removing one of the big old pine trees that dominates our view.

It certainly is a very large tree.

The Red Hawk likes to sit on one of the branches and eye our bird feeders, looking to snatch a tasty morsel.  It has three large trunks and must stand a good 50 feet tall.

In addition it leans towards the creek  and if it ever did come down it would take half the bank with it.

One of the really good things about our park is the upkeep of the grounds.  So in anticipation of removing this tree they have planted a couple of others  -- liquid amber and a pepper tree. Here they are waiting to be planted and I'm happy to say they were planted before the day was out. Another happy factor is that the leaves will blow towards the creek and not add to our responsibility.  The gardeners regularly clean out the creek. Later I noticed that they have planted quite a few other trees up and down the creek and recently we had about half an inch of rain.  Greatly welcomed!!

I hope I'm at home the day they decide to bring down the big old pine tree -- should bring quite a bit of excitement.


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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


CHRISTMAS TIDINGS was the theme for this session.

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Here is my submission based on a page from a monthly devotional.  I liked the birds and the theme of the message of peace, so I copied it and then realized it would fit in with the Creative Tuesday theme for this Tuesday.

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