Monday, January 1, 2007


How can you say anything new about the New Year? Over the centuries, everything anyone might want to say must have already been said. But I did sit back for a little while last night, and think about the most memorable moments in my life over the past year -- just a few....

I remember the pleasure I had when I heard that all my students that I tutor in 6th grade math, passed the very nerve wracking test they have to take at their school in May. I know they were all dreading the test and thought they were "dumb at math". I hope that my time with them convinced them that they were not and that passing the test proved it. I remember what it feels like to think you're dumb at something, and math was one of those things for me too. All the more pleasure now that I can teach it!


I remember the beautiful English countryside, last May, --bluebells everywhere you looked.....

....not to mention creamy, white hawthorn and ...

...the bright yellow gorse bushes.

I also remember the little hidden spot we found in the tiny village of Speeton, on the North East coast of Yorkshire. We sat and watched a mother duck and her ducklings for about
half an hour.
It was so quiet and beautiful.


Then there was spending time with my old high school friends, Janet in Exeter, Margery in Flamborough and Jenny in Pocklington. Friends from fifty years ago!

THAT'S worth remembering!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos - like the comments about dogs very much- reminds me of the 'man who listens to horses' - great books - same ideas relating to children. God bless in 2007