Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Waterfalls and Waterfalls and more Waterfalls

This was our ship, the Ms Finnemarken, of the Hurtigruten shipping line. It is one of several that travel up and down the coast of Norway acting as a ferry, a cargo ship and a cruise ship. It was everything a cruise ship should be but without the casinos and theaters.

This was our route, from Bergen in the south to Kirkenes in the north (both marked with a red star) and back again. Eleven days in all. We made 67 ports of call, some just to pick up passengers and cargo and other longer stops in order to do some side trips. We cruised up the coast, exploring fjords, coastline and even made several stops in the Lofoton Islands. We travelled further north than iceland, Siberia and mid - Greenland. We sailed in the Arctic Oceans and the Barents Sea.

The cabins had everything a normal cruise ship has, even though it was smaller than some. The beds folded up into seats and there was a surprising amount of storage space.

Waterfalls and Waterfalls and more Waterfall

A few little known facts about Bergen and Norway:

1. The June temperature averages 62 degrees F in Bergen
2. Only 50% of the people in Bergen own cars. They LOVE walking.
3. Hotels and cruise ships do not provide face cloths!
4. Edvard Grieg composed much of his music in a beautiful home and grounds just outside Bergen.
5. Norway has the highest cost of living in the world. A cup of tea on the first day in the town cost me $4.60


RuneE said...

I'm glad that you had a positive experience with Hurtigruten. It is expensive to run and needs all the advertising it can get. It is now part of our National Heritsge (or ought to be, at least).

PS Looking at the queuing cars, I would bet that everyone at least had two cars.. . :-)

PPS Give my regards to Barry!

Jose said...

What no casinos or theathers, I demand a refund. lol Just kiddin' it looks magnifizent.

I betcha the picures don't make those waterfalls justice, that looks like such good fun. I want to take another cruise... and soon.

Cherdecor said...

Chris, I so enjoyed looking at the pictures of your trip. The scenery is beautiful. We will be waiting to see some more.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

That all looks very exciting. I see you got to meet the great photographer, Rune. That must have been fun.