Tuesday, February 9, 2010

D is for Daffodils...St. David...


  It's that time of year again!  Vons is carrying daffodils for three dollars or so a bunch.  Because the climate here -- and the rabbits -- is not conducive to growing daffodils, I buy two bunches every two weeks, clip their stems, put them in a vase with a baby aspirin and put them on the patio table, where it is cool and where we can admire them until their days are over. Above is as they were more than two weeks ago.

Here they are today -- more than two weeks later!  I will buy some more at the weekend.

At this time of year daffodils -- well perhaps a couple of weeks later, but not many -- daffodils bloom in the wild across the fields and meadows of the British Isles.  They of course herald the coming of spring and are the national flower of WALES.

Daffodils have come to symbolize  ST. DAVID'S DAY.  Now there are those who would say the leek is the symbol of Wales.

They look something like fat spring onions and are not so strong in taste.

Though I love leek soup, I have to say that the daffodil is by far the prettier of the two.  However,  the history of the leek is that during some long ago battle against the Saxons, all the Welsh soldiers were instructed by St. David to wear a leek in in their caps so they could distinguish friend from foe. So they raided the farmer's field nearby in which leeks were growing and they won a tremendous victory!

The confusion between the daffodil and the leek comes about because the same Welsh word 'cenhinen' is used for both of them.

ST DAVID is the Patron Saint of Wales.  He was born about 500 A.D. and has several miracles  to his credit.  However one story tells of him owning a large sapphire which he gave to the Glastonbury Abbey and which Henry VIII (of many wives fame), confiscated at the time he separated the churches in England, from the Church of Rome.  It is said that today, that sapphire can be found among the Crown Jewels of England, which may be seen at the Tower of London.

All this historical information is courtesy of Wikipedia.

It is a favorite Welsh saying, attributed to St. David:  "Do the little things in life."  By this I think he means that if you are a caring and a humble person, you will do the little things in life, because taking care of the little things means that you will naturally take care of the big things.  For a Christian it is so important that we watch our lives and our words and take care of the little things. "He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much".  Luke 16:10


AutumnLeaves said...

Chris, this is such a fabulous entry. I've learned a few things and am now craving leek soup. I love onions, especially once they are cooked. The daffs are gorgeous and I cannot believe they look fresh as new more than two weeks after you purchased them! Methinks I need to get back on the baby aspirin regimen I put myself on.

claude said...

I love daffodils but I hate to eat leeks.
I am waiting my daffodils grow up in my garden.
For the ABC wednesday I make D as Turkey (Dinde in french) a recipe.
I do not like leeks but the drawing is beautiful, Chris !

RuneE said...

Daffodils in February?????? Sigh.
I'll return to the subject in April...

kaybee said...

Can't believe those daffodils are still glowing! I'd rather have a daffodil than a leek any day!

Love St. David's quote.

ChrisJ said...

Sorry, but I can't take credit for the drawing of the leeks. You'd be surprised how hard it is to find a good photograph on the web of leeks!
But the drawing is very accurate.

Nydia said...

A beautiful post with beautiful words. And these flowers are so sweet... We don't find them in Brazil this easily.

Kisses from Nydia.

Wanda said...

I notices daffodils at Trader Joes and also the grocery store. They are lovely and they do last a long time.

I really enjoyed your "D's". I almost used daffodils myself!

Love the history you have with St. David.

I've never had leek soup!

Roger Owen Green said...

Love the daffodils.

BTW, St. David was 500 A.D., not B.C.

On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you!

ChrisJ said...

Thank you Roger -- knew that !!:):)

Lindz said...

very cheerful yellow daffodils, lovely shots.

Anonymous said...

It is not so simple this flower is it? It is a beauty. I wonder if it is possible to make soup from it? Or are you just thinking.

LisaF said...

I love daffodils! They are one of my favorite flowers...and deer and moles don't like to eat them. Definitely one of my favorite garden flowers.

Anonymous said...

thinking it will be several months before we see daffodils or any flowers in Alberta!

mrsnesbitt said...

Daffodils now hold a special place in my heart as one of our biker friends sadly died recently and it was said in the funeral service that she loved spring and her favourite poem was Wordsworth's daffodils. At bulb planting time all her firnds are going to meet up at her favourite place on the moors and each of us plant some dafodills, so next Spring we will all remember the lovely Chrix. xx

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

A bit early for daffs here - I used to watch our daffs as they grew under the willow but we moved last year so missing them a bit - always thought leeks were a Geordie thing not Welsh - good luck car hunting.