Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Oh dear I'm in Terrible Trouble!  I miscalculated.  I was sure it was 'S' this week and have been Tootling along under That Thought, forming my 'S' blog in ma Tete (head) and now here it is Tuesday evening and no 'T' blog ready.

So the above paragraph will be my entry, but since I missed 'S' and I have some good photos from our recent Trip I'm going to pretend that I didn't know the difference.

Speaking of 'difference', do you know the difference between a ship and a boat?   Well, without getting into a lot of semantics, a good general definition seems to be that ships carry boats, but a boat can't carry a ship.  To the purist there are other more technical reasons, but that should do us for now.

SO...here are two photos of our SHIP that  I was pleased with, (the MS Rotterdam).

Our Ship surrounded by boats!
Barry took this one.

A second cruise ship joined us here.  Ours is the smaller one and more elegant I think.
I took this photo.

The most obvious 'S' that occurred on our trip was SECURITY and we didn't even have to fly.
There was the utmost security everywhere we went, not just for us getting on and off the ship, but also all around us where ever we went.
Here is a sampling of security in every port  and shore cruise:

In the markets

On the pier

Accompanying the buses

Gun boats in the harbor!

On the pier again.

In the towns

Riot gear??

I have to admit, the last few were taken in Lima, Peru where unknown to us at the time, the President of Peru and the President of Brazil were meeting in the Presidential Palace. So those of us who went to take photos of the changing of the guard in Lima were met with more police presence in riot gear than we had bargained for.

All the same, the police presence was noticeably there wherever we went and after a while I began to wonder if they knew something we didn't!
Still it was nice to know the security was so good.

Next week I'll do it right, and do ABC WEDNESDAY with 'U'


Wanda said...

Well Chris, I think it's TERRIBLE you misjudged "T" HaHaHa But I'll take your S's anytime. Wow, I'm so excited to hear more of your trip, and loved seeing all the Ships, and Security.

Yes, next week is "U" and I need to start thinking about that.

Lily Hydrangea said...

I think that much security would definitely make me nervous. This is
a great S post regardless.
& please don't worry about T - you can catch up with it during the next round.
: )

Sylvia K said...

I agree with Lily, that much security would make me a bit nervous, too. But, hey, S Post, T Post -- they're all fun and that's all that matters! And I love the photos of your trip. Enjoy the rest of your week!


Mar said...

Terrible mistake...not! and a terrific post nonetheless, very interesting shots!
Happy ABC
T is for ...

Rinkly Rimes said...

Tugboats, Tall trees and Terrorism! You didn't do so badly!

Roger Owen Green said...

well nice SAVE in coMbining the TWO; yes, those mps are a bit SCARY
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

MorningAJ said...

So you did ST.... so we don't mind at all!

I have to admit that I'm finding some of those police photos a bit disturbing (very GOOD portraits but unnerving) We've been watching re-runs of Colditz just lately and the uniforms look rather Germanic to me.

On the subject of Teddy boys.... (from my T entry) I'm JUST too young to remember them. But I DO remember the Mods and Rockers who came shortly after

mrsnesbitt said...

Well it was like this Chris - I had a word with the boys in blue and explained you were arriving and asked them to look after you! lol! You know me - friends in high places! lol!

snafu said...

That first view of the ship is stunning. Well done Barry. I found taking pictures of police in some foreign parts got me into trouble, so you have been lucky or have a real powerful telephoto lens. An interesting ST.

Rare Lesser Spotted said...

Great pictures. I always thought that the difference between a boat and a ship was that boats could be brought out of water (for repair or winter storage for example), ships can't.

RuneE said...

Thank you for This report - and That you were not Taken To be Terrorists!

I'll Take my cruises inshore... :-)

kaybee said...

The security reminds me of a country I spent many years in!

And yes, I am amazed that you were able to take those photos of the soldiers and security without being arrested, or at least strong-armed away, or your camera confiscated!

Cherdecor said...

I am so glad that you had security all around you. I would think like you,......maybe they knew something you did not. I am sure they did, because they knew the potential.

Vicki said...

We all have those moments ... in fact sometimes I find myself checking more than once to see what letter we are on.
This is a Terrific S post. :)
We have been on several cruises and see many security around when we get off the ship, but I am sure they "beefed" it up abit for what was going on.

Anonymous said...

Sandy says silly supercalifragilistic security so........seeya someday somewhere....special sightseeing

ChrisJ said...

We did try to be discreet about taking these photos. Miguel who had a long zoom lens was able to take from far away and then reconfigured them to get close up. We just had one case when they told us no pictures. I think that was in Ecuador. The thing is, they want American dollars and American tourists too much to be really obnoxious. It's their own bad guys they were protecting against. Nobody wants an international incident with the US these days.

jabblog said...

Very interesting - and what's a letter or two between friends? Those police/security guards look fearsome but I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday :-)

freerangegirl said...

Thats some Serious Security!!! Im really enjoying your blog, look forward to reading more. Always nice to meet someone else from the Riding!

Anonymous said...

The devil seems to be running things everywhere you went. I guess he his students are being kept under control by so many police. Amazing world we live in.

The quality of your photos are very good. I am even more amazed you were not hauled into jail and your camera confiscated for taking pictures of police.

I still draw. I found these drawings you saw - one - and among them are many more. I had, back in the early 1980s developed an idea of making anything simple - as simple as one line. So that technique showed up in everthing from birds and fish (you saw) to figures with form but one line things.

Elizabeth said...

Wow, Chris, all that security...and do you know, I never knew that difference between ships and boats, even though I live right next to a harbour! I shall remember that. It's so good to have you back. x

Patty said...

It was nice that you had such a nice time. all of the security would have made me a little nervous. You have some terrific photos. Do you scrapbook them?

ChrisJ said...

No, Patty I don't scrapbook them, but I do have each year's blogs made into a book through Blog2Print. I've had three done so far and am very pleased with them. Then I also have all my photos on the computer, which is also backed up, and I make a CD of the ones I want to keep.

ChrisJ said...

PS I also need to say that the best photos were taken by our friend, Miguel, from the crew and he had an excellent camera with a long zoom lens. I forgot to put that on this blog. I did mention it on the blog before this.

Cheryl said...

The two of you took some great photos on your TRIP. Yes, I'm pretending this is a T post. I'm easy.

All that security would have freaked me out. Glad to hear there was a reason other than impending doom.

snafu said...

Isn't a submarine called a boat?