Sunday, March 18, 2012


GARDEN is the theme for this week.

I decided to go in for a bit more of a stylized art this week.  MY traditional drawing style would not make much of an impact on this topic, I thought.  It's hard to get sharp points on my pencils that stay sharp.  I know Prisma-colors have a Verithin version of their pencils but I don't think their colors are very vibrant. So I used the regular ones.

We are having terrible winds here today and last night too (along with an inch of rain).  I'm afraid that does not bode well for our friends in the Midwest.  I mentioned this last week, but last week's winds were more straight-line.  This weekend they have been very squirrelly.

Here's a bit of typically Californian culture:  A memorial service was held recently in a very nice botanical garden, but there was a dress code; tee shirts and flip flops, no ties allowed. No the memorial was not for a surfer or even a young person.



Jane and Chris said...

I love the robin...they are back and in top singing form...what with the birds and frogs it was very noisy today!
Jane x

Trillian said...

yeah, you tried to show more than only one aspect on your twinchie. That's a quite difficult challenge. but it loogs great like your twinchies before.

Dolores said...

Definitely a different culture in Cali. My middle daughter lived there for 5 years.
Cute little inchie. You really filled that one inch square.

Dolores said...

Perhaps I should read better. Yours are two inch squares.

ColourFly said...

I love yours. Feels like spring!!!

kaybee said...

Love your garden! I had contemplated trying a mini version of 35 Orchard Avenue, but decided it was too much of a challenge! I remember the one you did, many years ago - came across it recently and love it!