Monday, December 31, 2012

Every Inchie Monday

The theme this week is NIGHT.  Well, I could just submit a black square but actually night time is rarely completely pitch black.  Our San Diego Bay at night is really very beautiful, so I attempted to  produce that in one square inch.  
San Diego Bay at Night

I even tried to include the phantom image of the Star of India (left corner). I have to admit to editing the color a little in this.  I originally did most of it with my silver pen, but it really doesn't produce a thin enough line Then I discovered I could produce a more yellowish silver, which I really like., and tends to give the buildings a moonlight glow.  Well, I can't get too ambitious inside one inch.

  Happy New Year!    

To see more  Inchies visit HERE for the links, and while you're at it why don't you consider joining us.  It is a fun project and requires only a little creativity to interpret the topic.  See you next week!                                                       


Wanda said...

I've seen that scene in reality. You did capture it very nicely. We visited San Diego quite often before Jill moved to Brookings, OR.

Morning's Minion said...

I like this. I think you manage to squeeze a lot into an inch square!

Trillian said...

It's a wonderful night inchie.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Wow! I tried, as well, to imitate a scene (2 trees with the moon shining between them), but the only way one could ever tell what it was is with my description :) Yours, on the other hand, is so very clear and beautifully evocative of moonlight and mystery. I have a new respect for this "inchie" challenge :)

snafu said...

You do manage to get a lot into such a small space.