Monday, May 27, 2013

PHEW !!!

My brain has been on overload for the last four months -- what with buying a new home, moving, garage sale, fixing up, and now selling our old home, I used up all my creativity and had none left for blogging.  We have been in our new home for two months now and it feels like two weeks!  Still have to finish putting up pictures.  Moth is sorting out his workshop/tool shed so he can find where everything is and I would like to make a couple of changes in the back yard when that's done.

I still love our new home.  It is bright and airy and everything is so convenient  -- and all on one level. The flowers have been coming out in waves.  When we first moved in back in April, the vibrant purple ice plant was in full bloom.....


...and BACK

The darker green plants behind the little Mexican man in siesta mode, is the vibrant purple ice plant. The light green on either side of him and far right is the next wave of ice plant in more of a lavender color like this...
I caught this lizard resting on top of the flowers taking a shower, as it was a hot day and I had the sprinklers on.

As the purple ice plant in the front of the house began to die back the red ones started to bloom. The spreading palm on the right was a bonus.  It was just a stump when we moved in and I thought it was dead, but after I started to water it, it shot up in about two weeks to this pretty palm.

After the red ice plant died, the rather odd shaped tree next to them suddenly broke out into full bloom with masses of flowers that were both red and yellow.  I think it is a lantana bush.  The bees, butterflies and humming birds love this bush.

So now we are holding our breath to see what will come up next!  My plumeria made the transition from the old house quite well, but now I see it has little orange colored specks on the leaves, so we are keeping an eye on it.

Next time I will tell you a little about the wild life (non-human!) that is around here.

I have also decided to join Creative Tuesday since I've been stuck in the zentangle mode for too long and haven't tried any 'normal' drawing for months.  I will soon post this entry and also the tangles I have done over the last month.  

So now I think I'm back to blogging more regularly, you must come visit and see what new things are happening in our lives.

We are so thankful to the Lord for the way everything has gone so smoothly -- if a bit busy and somewhat stressful.  It hardly seems possible that we have done so much and now feel so settled in our new home.  The Lord is good -- all the time.  Now we are praying for a buyer for our old house.  It was only listed this Memorial Day weekend.

See you soon!


photowannabe said...

Happy to see you back in blogger mode again.
Moving and all that that entails can really be stressful. Did it 6 years ago and really feel this house is our Forever Home. Don't especially want to go through it again.
Love all the bright flowers popping up and brightening your day.
Praying for just the right buyer to see your home and fall in love with it.
Enjoy the week and getting back to being "Creative".

Jane and Chris said...

The flowers are glorious!
I'm looking forward to hearing about the wildlife...I think the lizard has it made!
Jane x

Morning's Minion said...

Well done getting sorted and moved. Its a special blessing to find that the former owners did such nice landscaping. You can enjoy the floral surprises while you contemplate the changes you want to make.

kaybee said...

I remember what it was like when we moved into our new home, watching the garden spring up with new and exciting flowers and bushes. Even now, years later, something new will spring up, that we never planted, but have never seen before...and they are not weeds!

So sorry I am missing the thrill of seeing your blooms come up...I feel your excitement!

jabblog said...

How lovely to have those waves of colour following each other - a well-planned garden just waiting for your special touch:-)

Dartford Warbler said...

Your new home looks wonderful. I too have just had a blogging break. Sometimes life is just too busy and demanding, but it is good to be back.

Enjoy watching your new garden over the next year. Those colourful shrubs are asking to be painted and will surely get your creative juices flowing again!

Wishing you many happy years in your new home.

Mara said...

Well, the garden looks fantastic and I absolutely love the shot of the lizard! What a great find.

sandy said...

Love the photos - it looks so nice around there with all those flowers. I so hope you sell quick. Having a home on the market for a long time is no picnic - we sold in a very very bad economy listing at the end of 2010. I think the market is much better now and it should move easier.