Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"L" IS FOR......


We were driving out to dinner the other night when we came up behind them -- Carlsbad's finest!

There they were, all spruced up to take part in the high school's Homecoming Parade.  In the 40 years we have lived here I have nothing but the greatest admiration  and pride in our Carlsbad Law Enforcement officers.

L is  for LAKE
Here in our park we actually have two lakes, complete with waterfall and fountain.  The HOA generally refer to them as ponds -- but how could they?!!  A pond is something the cows drink out of.  Our lakes are frequented by wildlife , blue water and...


Above are Mallards.  There must be at least 100 if you count the ones in the creek also.  Every evening some park resident comes to feed them and they gather together in a great mass  beside the lake.
This is a Cormorant I believe, (sorry a little out of focus) but he must have lost his way as they are sea birds and the sea  is about a half mile west.  Or maybe he was waiting for his free dinner with the ducks!

We also have a resident blue heron.  There were two this summer but I haven't seen the second one lately.  I managed nicely to capture his reflection.

We are so blessed to have all this wild life, including, skunks, coyotes and rabbits, not to mention a variety of birds, along with our LAKES and creek.

This is my entry for ABC Wednesday, now in its 13th round.  Thanks to Mrs. our founder and Roger Owen Green, The next LEADER, and many other helpers.  To see more creative entries to this project please click HERE


Nonnie said...

oh, how wonderful to live in an area like yours! I love wild life and yearn for a home by a lake.

Leslie: said...

How lovely! You are very lucky to live in such an area.

abcw team

Roger Owen Green said...

I'm always a sucker for cool reflection shots

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

photowannabe said...

Lovely Chris.
I especially like the heron and his reflection.

snafu said...

Pond, lake, tarn - a rose by any other name etc. They are nice to have around to attract wild life. That heron picture is great, they are very shy birds here and do not often pose nicely like that.

Reader Wil said...

Lovely post Chris! In my country a pond is a small lake and manmade. The water used for cows is here a pool or a ditch.
Thanks for taking part in the quiz. The first quote is used by two authors.Have a lovely week Chris!
Wil, ABCW Team.

sandy said...

Love the photos and you sure live in a nice area.

Joy said...

Love the blue heron and the sound of a motorbike led homecoming parade. Water is always an ideal place to enjoy wildlife.
Joy - ABC Team

claude said...

Hi Chris !
You are living in a very beautiful place. I love the heron with his reflection.

Barbara said...

Lovely but I am not a friend of the heron who ate most of my fish last year. Have put up a much finer net for next year.