Sunday, February 23, 2014


Well to tell you the truth I'm about all-computered out!!  Had to buy a new lap top and that was bad enough, then had to transfer everything from the old to the new.  That wasn't such a problem.  I managed to to do it over a few days.

BUT THEN...trying to figure out Windows 8 has been driving me crazy!  Why do they do it???  It took me a while to figure out Windows 7, then just as I am feeling comfortable and at ease on that, along comes Windows 8 and it feels like they changed everything!  It took me two days to figure out how to download five photos from G mail into My Pictures and to find Photo Gallery.  Spending hours on the computer every day doesn't do much for my usual happy disposition, I'm sorry to say.  Who are these people who think everything has to be new and different?!!

So by this weekend I was about ready to quit computers for good -- never mind blogging!  But here I am back again.  I'm sure 'they' count on  us being addicted to them, so we won't give up.

Well, on to happier things...

Yesterday we had a gorgeous sunset -- one of many we have had in recent weeks.

Two more shots of Scruffy keeping watch over Kaybee's room waiting for the second she opens the door to dash in and take possession.  (She's allergic to cats so we had to TRY to keep him out of her room).
Later, snuggling up with his sheep blankie, exhausted from keeping watch and giving in to sleeping in the office area.

A rather insistent seagull waiting for scraps from Kaybee and I as we ate fish and chips at the harbor.  We don't ever feed them as that brings penalties of their own kind, but they are smart enough to know that bits and pieces get dropped.  We saw a seal pop up right here as we ate but I couldn't get my camera out in time.

Later after our refugee from the snow and ice returned,  we did a Skype on Ontario's Family Day.  (What a great idea for a holiday!  Even the kids get a day off school.)  Here you can see Moth on the computer screen, a photo taken by one of our family as we Skyped.  This was my first ever Skype.  So it was a landmark.

I've still got a few more bugs to work out with Windows 8 and Windows Chrome but I guess I'll be back.  Incidentally, I am still visiting and commenting. 


snafu said...

I agree, why fix it if it aint broke? Congratulations on winning round one with MS. W8 was intended for touch screen devices and sucks on a normal PC.
Hold the Windows key and dab D and you go to a Windows 7 like desktop. You can use it like a W7 desktop and put your favourite icons on there. However, no friendly start button. To close most program hold Alt and dab F4.

Jane and Chris said...

I'm really not good with changes...I get close to tears with frustration when 'they' mess things around.
Jane x
xxxxx for Scruffy

claude said...

Hi Chris !
I had some problems with windows 8 also in last january when I changed my PC but now it is OK.
Your header is very beautiful. I love the photo of Scruffy with the sheep blankie.
Wonderful sunset !