Monday, December 29, 2014

Y IS FOR ........




Yesterday, I was swiftly sailing far away,
Now I guess I'm home to stay.
Our cruise ship fun was yesterday.

Suddenly, I'm staying home where I should be.
Scruffy purrs and plays with me.
But yesterday was fun you see.

Yes, we had to go, 
It was just a holiday,
Lounging in the sun,
Lazy days spent yesterday.

Yesterday we had many happy hours in play
Now our cruising ship has gone away.
We're safely home I'm glad to say.

Now we're here, the place where we're content to be.
We love our home and Scruffy too, 
So we'll sail again another day.....


We spent a lovely relaxing cruise from San Diego to Puerto Vallarta for one week over Christmas.  I read three books, drew two pieces of artwork and held long conversations with fellow passengers. The seas were calm and the sun was warm.  The food was, of course, fabulous and way more than we needed. Had a lovely time, but always glad to be home.

This is my submission for ABC Wednesday, efficiently and effectively run by Mrs. Nesbitt and Roger Owen Green -- and their band of helpers.  To see more entries in this popular meme please click HERE.


Hildred said...

Love that Beatles' tune....

Photo Cache said...

I love this song....and many more from the fab four.

Roger Owen Green said...

Yes, I think you DO love that tune!

Trubes said...

What a delightful take on my beloved Beatles Yesterday song, one of my favourites. I sang that once when I played 'Jack' in the Jack and the Beanstalk Pantomime. It was an amateur production, I was in the play group that was founded in the basement of an old building in West Derby Liverpool, called Lowlands....The Beatles played there in their early days,

Golden days! Thank you for evoking some very happy memories.
Best wishes,

ABCW team

kaybee said...

Lovely, Chris! So glad you had a good time! I will try and call today....

Kay G. said...

Happy you had such a good time!
Love your version of Yesterday!
Did you know that Paul McCartney first wrote the tune and used "Scrambled Eggs" instead of the word "Yesterday" until he came up with the lyrics? You must know that, but I think of it every time I hear "Yesterday" and it makes me hungry! HA!
Happy New Year!

snafu said...

Glad to hear you had a good trip. Nice lyrics. That song fits nicely.

Patty said...

Glad you had a lovely trip, but it's always nice to be home again. No place like home.

Barbara said...

Sounds like a lovely restful holiday.