Friday, October 12, 2007

All in a Day's 'Work'

I promised I would post the drawing of the church in Macedonia, from where Barry has just returned. I finished it last night, (probably 7 hours total). For colored pencils, it came out quite well. The scanner couldn't pick up the more pinky tinge to the building and foreground. In case you can't read it, the title says "12th Century Church of St. Panteleimon, near Skopje, Macedonia."

This is the original brochure picture.

You can see what I mean about the color.

Then I have to tell you that 'The Bird Lady of the Patio' as I have been dubbed, has been visited by our 'humming bird of the water fall' Of course I didn't have my camera with me. I wasn't sure I how long I would sit outside as the wind has been cool for the last couple of days. But it wasn't too cool for him. He got into the stream of water and keeping his head high he stayed there quite a while (for a humming bird). I think I read somewhere that humming birds don't perch, but ours certainly do. This one perches on the rock just above the stream, then submerses his underside in the stream of water and flickers his wings a few times to splash the water all over himself. He then flies up onto a close-by branch and shakes and preens himself. He is an Anna's humming bird, I believe.

We also had a short visit from a white crowned sparrow. The first of the season. According to the experts they are supposed to be here all year round, but I only see them in the cooler months. I have put out some more seed, so maybe I can get a photo of him tomorrow.


Kaybee said...

Well, I'm pretty impressed with my older sister...your artwork is always awesome -- and now 'widgets!' I love playing with Sooty and even got the tin open so he could eat! (He's watching me right now, waiting for me to come back and play!)

I think you should start classes teaching: "Computer skills for Seniors." So many in our age bracket are afraid to use computers, and certainly would be too intimidated to be taught by a 'young whipper-snapper' but they wouldn't be threatened by you, they'd be encouraged!!
Well done!

ChrisJ said...

Thanks for your nice comments. I did start an email reply to you on Saturday, but it was on my old email not my good email and I moved from that page for a moment -- and of course lost it all, which is why I don't use my 'old' email much. Frustrating! Our local community college offers classes for "older folk" and honestly when you get to the point I'm at I think you just have to sit down and try to figure it all out for yourself because every program is different.