Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday, Flowers and Phantom Feelings

My faithful Vons store-bought Hibiscus is blooming its little heart out in its 6 inch pot. We haven't got around to planting it yet and there are already three more buds on it and this flower!

So after taking these photos, I took a look fresh look around as I haven't been outside on the patio for a few days. Too cool. Anyway these are my Friday blessings: beautiful, cool green, and colorful flowers:


Our Cape Honeysuckle only in the ground a couple of months...

...our thirty, or even forty year old pink hibiscus. Been here since before we moved in. And no giant white fly this year!

No flowers on the plumeria this year though. But it's looking pretty healthy.


So tonight I put my husband's Macedonia and Bulgaria photos on CD's and ..... Such a strange feeling to see this photo with my husband in it (far right). Strange because having poured over every little detail of the brochure photo of this church in Macedonia in order to make my drawing (see post October 12th) I feel like I've been there. It didn't feel like a real place until I saw this photo and part of me wants to say, Where am I? Surely I was there!


Wanda said...

Chris, what a lovely post today. All the pictures are wonderful. I still trying to catch up from my trip. :)

Lara said...

beautiful photos!