Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ups and Downs

Henrietta was missing for a couple of days and after the deposits on the patio we were a little alarmed. We have now decided that we are not being visited by a coyote but by a fairly large raccoon. At first I breathed a sigh of relief -- until I searched the web and discovered that raccoons eat chickens too! But I have seen her the last two days, so she is still with us. But she is pecking up seed rather nervously and doesn't stay around very long.

Last Wednesday my sister arrived from Toronto to soak up some sunshine. Of course you know what happened. It has rained every day since then. I think we have persuaded her to stay an extra day or two, since the weather is supposed to clear up. I should have some photos of her, but instead I have only one of me, which she took between the showers. Notice the plumeria in the green pot to the left of me. Just bare branches and it was so full of beautiful green leaves last summer. There are tiny shoots on the tips but I'm not sure if they will amount to anything.

Then she took another photo of me at the computer, which is, I think, my second home. (Not too flattering a shot, but there I am hard at work.)

Here we are together, taken last June while we were in England.

Here's the Man of the House picking up after what we think is the raccoon.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see the man of the house busy so you two can visit!!! You really should get an updated photo of the two of you -