Thursday, September 18, 2008

Birds, Flowers and ATC's

I have been having problems trying to post for two days. I usually go through Mozilla Firefox, so today I decided I would try Internet Explorer. It looks like it is working so far, so now I will type up for the third time, my latest post.

This is #5 in my Doorways series. I took this from a photo posted by

His blog is called Stouffville Daily Photo and Stouffville, Ontario, Canada was our old stomping grounds from the '60's. We were attending Toronto Bible College back then, which today is called Tyndale University and Seminary. Thank you Ken, for allowing me to copy this photo.

These are a pair of Blue Scrub Jays which have been visiting my back yard feeder regularly. Here they are two days ago perched on the top of our 40 foot fir tree basking in the afternoon sun. So cute because....

 is their 'baby' who was at the top of a nearby Queen Palm while they were preening.

This is a shrub I have not posted before because it was not doing too well, but now it is blooming itslittle heart out. I believe it is called the Potato Vine. I have also heard it called the Pansy tree. Whatever it is called, we first saw this on Catalina Island a good many years ago. They had them lining the sea front walk from the Ferry Dock to the pier and they were pruned and shaped like trees from Alice in Wonderland -- apples on a stick. We liked them so much that we went looking for them to plant in our yard. We now have three. So far this one is doing the best, and I'm not sure why.

The big Cooper's Hawk has been visiting regularly, in fact I think he has his eye on Bailey!!! He came yesterday and perched on the lattice privacy fence we have outside the den window. It is only about 10 feet away from
the window where Bailey usually sits. He stared intently into the den, long enough for Bailey to get up from the other side of the room and come over to investigate. Bailey was not afraid -- just curious. Then I began walking slowly over to the window where my camera was, but then he flew away. I don't think Bailey is in any danger because we have a decorative steel grill over the lower half of the screen, which we put there because outside cats would come and claw the screen. I know he could claw the screen, but I doubt he could get through the window opening and he certainly couldn't claw through.

Oh dear, I'm having such problems with the layout and posting. So this is going to have to go as is!!! Sorry for the big gap.


Jose said...

Happy to see you were able to post this finally, I had already read it in my google reader from the first time you posted it.

I liked your new door drawing, great addition to the four you already had.

Say hi to all those visitors you get.

Betty Flocken said...

I love the photo of the bird on the palm tree

kaybee said...

You must have quite a collection of 'doors' now! Soon you will be able to hold an exhibition of all your art. It's always beautiful!

claude said...

Nice post Chris ! Do you try to go on Abraham Lincoln's blogs.? Sometimes he shows a very beautiful cooper Hawk. Click on his name in the comments on my blog.

Shammickite said...

The door is just around the corner from my house. I posted a pic of it some time ago. Some good friends of mine live in the house, but they don't use that front door, it's purely decorative now.
Interesting to know you used to live in Stouffville. You wouldn't recognise it now.