Saturday, September 20, 2008

Up Close and Personal

This bouganvillea was taken two weeks ago. Moth gave me strict instructions to keep watering it regularly because he had just planted it along with a couple of other baby shrubs, that are to brighten up a bare section on the north side of the house.

This was today!!! What do you think? Rabbits? Squirrels? Rats? My yard is a haven for all the hungry creatures around here! Moth will be none too pleased.

The plumeria still has a few tightly-spiraled, and coiled flower buds to open. It has flowered all summer long.

This geranium has been struggling to bloom all summer, mainly because we kept forgetting to water her, since she was away from the other flower pots. Well she finally made it and what a pretty, shy, pink flower she has!

Beautiful golden grasses blowing in the wind beside the waterfall. (Pelican behind, little cat beside).

Don't know the name of this but it is low growing and when we first brought it home it was covered with these purple blooms less than an inch across. They all died eventually and now we have a second flowering going on.

Jacaranda bloom last May

I have got to get out of the house more! All I have are photos of my yard. Moth filled up the gas tank of the car before he left. I haven't used a quarter of a tank yet!!


Ken said...

I remember the first time we saw bouganvillea was on a trip to San Diego and it covered an entire wall. Maybe with a little, okay maybe a lot;),of tlc you'll be able to bring it back.

Shammickite said...

Nice blossom pics, but I don't know what could be lunching on the bougainvillea!
Fall is fast approaching, I put the patio table and chairs away today.

Anonymous said...

I hope the plants get the water they need and the rabbits stop eating them.

Jose said...

Flowers smell so good, they must be tasty too as your pictures attest. Will protecting them with tiny chicken wire fences take away from their beauty?