Friday, January 23, 2009

My Firescreen Update (For now)

I purchased small glass stones (the teaspoon is for size comparison). They were supposed to be amber, at least that's what they looked like in the store. But when I got them home they were more cranberry colored and I don't have anything red in the room. I wanted amber to go with the gilt candle holders and to intensify the more yellow gold shade.

However, once I got them in I decided I liked the cranberry shade because if there were a fire there, the embers would be glowing this color.

But from a distance you really can't see the cranberry color very well.

Ah well, I tried. I can either get some different stones, and/or lightly dust the black leaves in the frame with a coppery spray paint -- or leave well enough alone!!

GOOD NEWS ABOUT BAILEY: He has lost 4 pounds since Thanksgiving. He is now 17 lbs-- at least that's what my scale says, I haven't checked the vet's scale yet.


claude said...

Nice decoration, Chris !
Henrietta keeps her weather eyes open.
Very nice portrait of Bailey. He has so beautiful blue eyes.

kaybee said...

I think the stones look lovely, Chris. And Bailey is looking quite chipper! I am sure he will feel so much better for having lost the weight!

Anonymous said...

What a clever lady you are. Tell Bailey congratulations!!!

Wanda said...

What a elegant looking candle holder for your fireplace. I think the "cranberry" stones look nice.

Bailey...Congratulations. 4 pounds for a cat is a lot!! Good job!


Anonymous said...

I like this color in the candle holder. It makes them look nice. The granddaughter's cat that arrived here with them last October weighed 18 pounds the last time anybody picked him up and stepped on the scales.

I have some round marbles in a tall glass jar not big around though, and a Heavenly Bamboo planted in it. The water over the marbles keeps the plant alive and the roots seek shelter in the marbles. I have never fed it but it is growing and sending out new roots.