Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chaffinch and Robin

This morning I visited Claude's blog (click here)
It is in French, but Claude always kindly gives an English translation. She has posted several photos of birds that were in her garden today. I was so happy to see one of a chaffinch and another of the English robin. Both these birds are my favorites in England -- cheeky and plentiful. We don't have either of these on the West Coast of the US -- I'm not sure about East Coast birds. Anyway just to show that they are indeed my favorites, here are two photos of fluffy ones I bought when I was in England a year or so ago. When you press them they 'sing' a real recording of their real song. I have had them hanging in my den for quite a while. The songs don't fool Bailey though.

This is the chaffinch:

This is the English robin:

Tomorrow I will show you what I came up with for the fireplace, as my sister asked 'though it's not too exciting. And I have some good news about Bailey!

A Demain
as Claude would say, (Until tomorrow)


claude said...

I'am laughing !!!
I find your chaffinch and english robin are very cute ! Oh my ! They are not the same birds we can see on Abraham's blog.
Thank you for having noticed my blog. Your post makes me very happy today !

claude said...

Oh ! I have forgotten. Just a little difference, over here the robins are french !

ChrisJ said...

I wondered about the 'English' part! That's what they call them over here to distinguish them from the American Robin which is much larger and more like a thrush with a red breast. But if yours is found in France then he is indeed a French robin.
I do enjoy your blog, Claude and the music that goes along with it.
Au revoir, mon amie et vous faites (avez??) un beau jour. (My schoolgirl French)

claude said...

I am very glad to learn that in England they have the same robin that in France. I hope their language is the same !!! I already saw some american robins in my friends' garden. They are big robins!!!
Have a nice day = in french, bonne journée
passez une bonne journée.
Have a nice Week-end !

RuneE said...

That was a variety proper bird-singing from the drawees!

"Ha det bra så lenge""

Wanda said...

What cuties..... Great place to hand them...

Anonymous said...

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