Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm Still Here

Just so you all know, I am still here.  Trying to catch up with my visiting.  Really appreciating all the comments I have received -- especially on my 'T' blog.

MOTH left yesterday for Brazil.  He won't be gone too long, but it was kind of hectic around here for a while. Meanwhile I decided to take my own advice from Thursday and take a day or two off, until I feel like my brain is back in place.

I haven't been doing nothing.  To prove it, here is a painting I copied from a photograph from Gerald England of Ackworth.  It is The Canal at Woodley and he took it for the reflection of the house, which I cut out, because I wanted to emphasize the bridge (and I didn't have the courage to try the reflection!).

When I scan my watercolors they seem to come out more water than color, so I changed the exposure to make it look a little more like it should.  I liked the threatening skies in his photo, but I think I do need more color on the water and on the middle wall.


Gillian said...

One of my favourite subjects - you've done a great job, Chris, especially with that menacing sky.

Enjoy a little 'me-time' for a few days. x

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

It is a lovely rendition of the scene in a new medium.

Wanda said...

Lovely painting... and I think it's great just as it is!

Hectic and busy around here too. Don got a new pacemaker today, so spend the entire day at the hospital, grandkids are graduating next week into Jr. Hi, the following week one into High School, and one from High School. Needless to say, my art blog as been cold for several weeks.

Maybe if I didn't have 9 grandchildren I'd have more time. But wouldn't trade it!

AutumnLeaves said...

Still a gorgeous piece, Chris. You all make art look so easy and I simply labor over everything I do.

Cherdecor said...

I love all the detail. It is a gorgeous piece!

Werna Gail said...

ayour art work is very good, and the one you did of Bailey is so good you can almost tell what he must be thinking. Glad you were able to share the "upside down" cat that is toooo cute.
BE BLESSED and thanks for stoping by.Did you see the pin cushions on mmy new blog, Praises From the Porch ?

Jingle said...

Happy June,
Award 4 u on blogger account.