Saturday, June 26, 2010


This is Peg Leg.  I mentioned him two posts ago.  He now has two healthy fledglings that he is faithfully feeding in spite of having only one leg. A couple of days ago, Rinkly Rimes (click here) asked permission to use this photo so she could make up a poem about him and post it on her blog.  Perhaps you'd like to visit her blog and read her poem.  You will have to scroll back one or two entries -- she posts more often than I do!


I am having a wonderful time at the shelter as a "Cat Cuddler".  Out of more than thirty cats these are just a few to tell you about, (sorry no photos, not sure what their policy is on that, yet, but I'll try.).
Amigo was a little shy at first.  He is a black male with yellow eyes.  He has now decided that I'm O.K. and when I am in his room where four other full-grown cats are he now comes straight to me and will sit on my knee and be petted for as long as I want.  He gets a little overwhelmed if a family with children want to visit. When I leave, he runs to the door with me.
Suzie was in that same room.  She has been adopted already.  She was ginger and very mellow.  So   pretty and with short hair. Someone now has a very fine pet.
Two tiny kittens part white and part ginger, huddled at the back of their cat-condo today, but after I had talked to them and spent some time with them, one of them finally overcame his fear and was thoroughly comfortable being cuddled, scratched behind the ears and purring up  a storm. Have to go back next week to see if the other one is still there.
Fluffy: In another room which has four cats in it, I met Fluffy almost two weeks ago.  She would not come out of her quilted house/basket and if I put my hand in to pet her she would shrink way back as far from me as she could.  Today,  after this my fourth visit, she put her head and paws out and begged me to pet her.  I scratched her cheeks and ears and she even rolled onto her back for a short tummy rub.

There were about 10 kittens today and quite a few waiting to be picked up by their new family.

I don't just pet the cats, but I scoop the kitti-litter. After having had cats for 30 years that is no trouble to me.  I clean up any spilled water or food, check for runny eyes or sneezing and make a note for the vet.  I just generally try to keep the condos clean and tidy.  None of the cats so far bite or scratch but some do try to get out and with the big ones it's sometimes quite a struggle to keep them in, while tidying their home.  The main thing is to try to get them more confident, looking clean and friendly and ready to be adopted.  I generally stay for about two hours.It is very tiring -- all the standing is hard for me, but it's fun!

I forgot to say that we have to wash our hands after handling each cat, for those of you who know about such things and were maybe wondering.


The Weaver of Grass said...

We saw a one-legged seagull the other day - he seemed to be managing fine.

Love the idea of being a cat-cuddler.

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

didn't know there was an occupation called cat-cuddler before - prefer dogs myself - their claws arn't usually as sharp!

AutumnLeaves said...

So hoping and praying that they all find loving homes, Chris.

kaybee said...

Cat Condos?? I love it! And they deserve it!

mrsnesbitt said...

Loved this Chris and yes Brenda is a total genius! mentioned you today on my blog - guess why? Dxx

Jose said...

Wow, seems you are staying busy cudling with the felines. I will visit your friends blog to read the poem. That is an awesome closeup of Peg Leg. :)

Cherdecor said...

I didn't realize you have a new job! The cat cuddler! That is a cute title. You do stay busy!

Rowan said...

What a splendid way to volunteer, I'm sure that all the cats will appreciate a cuddle. I hope they all get good homes eventually. Sadly there are alwaysmore to take the places of those who go.

Sandy said...

I had a one legged bird here in the yard last summer that I kept taking pics of.

You are working in a shelter, that must be rewarding.