Friday, October 8, 2010

Shelter Cats.

Since the adoption of Sterling, I've had two other cats as favorites.  One, Cassidy, was completely black, 2 years old and the sweetest nature.  Oh, I could have taken her home, given half the chance.  She was adopted on Thursday.
Then there is Minnie, a two year old black and white, with a cheeky black and white face and white whiskers -- almost a tuxie I think.  She has quite a personality as well as liking cuddles, tummy rubs and playing with the feather wand. She was still there Thursday, but for how long who knows?  I know I should be glad that they are being adopted but these three have been in the large room, which is like a living room, with a couple of other cats so it's almost like they are mine.
So just for my own pleasure I decided to do a painting of the last shot I took of Sterling.  You may recognize it.

As usual, I can see a few needed improvements.  One thing I have to find is a brush that can make fine strokes for fur or whiskers.
This is the original photo:

He was 'way too handsome!


claude said...

Oh, Chris ! Your drawing is so extremely true to life.
Your are very talented.
Have a nice week-end !

Mike said...

Great copy of a photo Chris! It's a nice cat pose too :)

Wanda said...

Boy you are a master at cats. This was a wonderful rendering of the photo.

I think the more we paint the better we get... I'm trying to paint several times a week.

Thanks for your comments on the Open Air Painting.

kaybee said...

You did an awesome job, Chris!

MorningAJ said...

I recognised him straight away! It's an excellent portrait. Well done.

Morning's Minion said...

He has such a wistfully intelligent face--I hope he is well-loved in his new home.

snafu said...

Which one is the photograph?

Jack and Joann said...

I love your drawings.
Don't where you are going or what you are doing till after Turkey Day but stay safe and happy!