Friday, October 21, 2011

Coffee Klatch Friday October 21st

So here we are again, meeting for coffee with our other blogging friends and  sharing our hidden secrets.

This week we are to tell ten random things we have never done.  Mine tend to fall into two categories:   Things I wish I had done but haven't, and things I haven't done and I have no idea why.

1.  I have never petted a real live lion or tiger and I really wish I had.  It may not be too late for that, but I have looked into it.

2.  I never learned to swim and I wish I had.  Sometimes I dream that I'm swimming and it feels wonderful.  But I just couldn't put my head under water without panicking and now I have vertigo on and off that even standing in water makes me dizzy.(But I can still enjoy the jaccuzzi).

3.  I've never been on a canal boat vacation and I wish I had because I think I would really enjoy being out in the fresh air and on the water surrounded by the British countryside.

4. I would love to have raised and trained one of those Canine Companions dogs!  Can't do that now, they're too big and heavy for me, but they are wonderful creatures.

5.  This is one of those in between things.  I have never held a snake.  I probably would if I were put on the spot because I don't greatly dislike them (not as much as spiders or roaches).  I have had plenty of opportunity to hold them as my sons kept snakes as pets for quite a number of years, but it's not something I would necessarily choose to do.

6.  Here's a weird one in the "I have no idea why"  category.  I have never worn blue jeans.  I must be the only person in the US to be able to say that.  I do wear jeans, just not blue jeans or denims.

7.  I have never been to Washington DC.  I've seen so much of it on TV that if I were given the choice I would probably opt for a city like Vienna or St. Petersburg instead.  But above all I would rather visit the Tyrol in northern Italy. I'm not big on cities.

8.  I have never had a manicure -- or a pedicure.  It's just one of those things that has never occurred to me.

9. I have never slept outside in the snow in a sleeping bag.  My youngest son has, but it's not something I would do!

10.  I have never smoked a cigarette.  My mother smoked heavily when I was younger and I hated the tobacco smoke in my face.  So I was never even tempted to smoke.

In addition to the ten things above, we have been asked to share what we do to prepare for the coming cold weather.
Well, we don't do much because our cold weather is not very cold.  We might check the gutters but since not a lot of our trees shed their leaves, that isn't a big job. My husband will check the furnace and probably change the filter. I will perhaps take a walk around the back yard to see if there is anything we have left out that might be affected by rain, because we get next to no rain from April to October.  I also will check through my light sweaters or jackets to see that they are still in good condition.  I don't own a coat.
And that's about it.

Join us by clicking on the button below.  The more the merrier. Come and hear other people's hidden secrets.


MorningAJ said...

Interesting list - and I'd have to think hard to find 10 things that I've never done that I'd like to (I've always been the type that takes opportunities when offered....)

I have held a snake. (Try it, you'll be surprised at how nice they feel.) I have slept at the Ice Hotel so that kind of counts as in snow. I learned to swim three years ago but still don't put my head under water. I've got jeans on now. I smoked for years but gave up about 12 years ago. I've had a manicure and have reflexology twice a month (not a pedicure, I know, but it feels good) Not sure I want to go to DC particularly. I've been to Boston and NY (and lots of places in the UK). I worked for British Waterways for two years and have been on a canal boat many times, though never for a holiday. I've never raised a guide dog but don't feel that I'd be any good at it.

I might just have a go at doing something similar to this on my blog, if you don't mind. Thanks for the inspiration. Not sure what I'll come up with though!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous insights to Chris, I say. I love reading these kinds of things.

Mara said...

I have never slept outside in the snow either, although I have rolled around in the snow naked once (Finnish saunas are very very hot). Would that count?

MorningAJ said...

See what you did? :)

Scriptor Senex said...

I've held snakes and worn blue jeans but swimming is my idea of Hell on earth. We were forced to go in the water at school but I never achieved swimming and after the teachers had to rescue me a few times - I just sank like a stone (which was funny because that's about all I weighed) I was allowed to do athletics instead.

Jane and Chris said...

I haven't done 3,4,7 and 10.
I'm not sure I could list all the things I haven't done....there's a lot!!
Jane x

Wanda said...

Love getting inside your head and getting to know Chris a little better. Your love of animals sure shows through, and I love the way you can take simple ideas and write them so beautifully. You are such a gifted writer.

Love and Hugs
Wanda in Blue Jeans....haha

Rare Lesser Spotted said...

Fantastic list - I'll have to conjure one up to share too! Well done - very entertaining

ChrisJ said...

Well, I see I've opened up a Pandora's box with that one about sleeping in the snow! Yes, Mara, that definitely counts!

AJ: I'm sure it would be OK to do something similar (and I don't mean rolling naked in the snow!) But you might want to mention the idea to Vicki at Tapestry of Life, since she started the Coffee Klatch idea.

Scriptor S: I've been meaning to tell you how much I enjoyed your comment on the pink footed goose. (I'm tempted to make a comment about the pink feet and rolling in the snow!) Very funny and very clever. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, scroll back and see the comments on my previous blog about the Nene.

If you like this kind of 'stuff' visit Vicki and join us. We're only just trying to get it started.

ChrisJ said...

P.S. Now I'm waiting for Snafu to come up with one of his priceless comments!

Grammy Goodwill said...

No coat? Wow, I can't imagine. I've never learned to swim either. I can't stand to put my face in the water. I'm petrified of snakes, but I have touched one.

photowannabe said...

Its fun to learn a bit more about you Chris.

I've never petted a lion either but was thrilled to see them in the bush of Kenya.
I have held a chimpanze though. It was like holding an active toddler.

No canal boat either but I have taken the Mississippi Queen up the Mississippi River on a week tour from St. Louis to St. Paul.

Most of my life I was so afraid of dogs due to some scary circumstances when I was young.

Since my Granddaughters got a Labradoodle I have grown to love many of them and have even dog-sat Snicker(doodle) on many occasions.

Thats a biggie for me.

Snakes...No thanks....

Wearing jeans right now. Many years I never wore them but now in my "old" age I say Why Not!!

Thanks for letting me prattle on and on.

jabblog said...

Interesting insight into your life, Chris. I must try Coffee Klatch some time:-)

Vicki said...

Hey Chris!
Good to see you at Coffee Klatch Friday! I have done 1, 5, 6, & 8 on your list. It wasn't until I was 50 that I had my first pedicure ( and mani) not I get them every few months. Thanks for linking up and bringing a bunch of friend's this week. :)
Have a good week!

kaybee said...

Great list, ChrisJ! I too would love a canal boat vacation, and I have just begun having pedicures because back problems make it a bit difficult for me to do it myself!

Patty said...

I also do not swim, have never smoked, never had a pedicure or manicure. I do wear blue jeans, but they have to have the elastic tops, can't stand the binding the others cause, and I like the lighter colored blue ones. Wish I knew how to do a painting or drawing, and knitting. Tried to learn, but it seemed way too hard, plus I would fall asleep and the stitches would fall off the needles, so I stick to crocheting. Wish I liked coffee, but I don't and don't care much for hot tea either. Hope you've been having a wonderful week-end.

Vicki said...

Hey Chris!
I understand how you may feel about getting any treatment that might be needed if your colonoscopy shows that you need it. Let me encourage you ... not all chemo is the same and the dose you get depends on what stage you are in. For me,(stage 3) I had a month of radiation, 5 days a week. It was pretty much like going to have an x-ray done. The actual treatment was probably less than 5 minutes. It is very localized to the area and most of the 5 minutes was positioning and the tech walking back and forth between rooms.
As for the chemo, mine was in an IV type of shot, took less than 10 minutes (once a week) and then I also had it in pill form for 3 days, 3 times a day, every 9 days. I never threw up, but did have bouts of diarrhea and they can give you stuff for that. I was mostly tired. I did not loose all my hair, it thinned a little.
What I did not do was get blood work done every week like they wanted. I agreed to every 3 weeks. I was the 1st person that my DR. had that ever did a full year of treatment. He accounted partially to not having the blood work, less blood work put less strain on my veins.
I also took extra vitamins. But I think the biggest allie was my attitude. That God had put me in this place for a reason and that he would get me through it. So what ever happened ... All things work together for God's good.
Some people that I knew felt that by taking the medication ... I was not trusting God. My outlook was that God gave man this knowledge, so why would I not take advantage of it.
The treatments have come a long way and if you start and you feel they aren't making a difference ... you can stop. God has a plan for you and whatever it may be, He will show you and be with you the whole way.