Friday, October 28, 2011


It's coffee time again and we are here to bare our souls...sort of...

We are asked to "please tell about 10 things you HAVE done" (as opposed to the things we haven't done, which was the request last week).  So here goes...

1.  I have given a 5 minute speech before 3,000 people --  and it had to be memorized word for word.  (I think that was the worst part.) I was so nervous I almost blacked out before we entered the arena. Seriously.

2.  I have cuddled a real live koala bear.  Apologies to my blogging friends who have heard this before but it is a highlight  in my life.

3. I have been behind Niagara Falls in Canada; literally, in a tunnel behind the falls which had open windows like large holes with the water roaring past.  If you get the chance, do it.  It's worth it.  We did this in the sixties, so I expect it costs the earth today.  Great experience though!

4.  I have volunteered  at an animal shelter for a year as a 'cat cuddler'.  It was a wonderful experience and I would still be doing it today if I hadn't discovered some physical disabilities that made it unsafe for me.

5.  I have visited the most southerly point of the Americas, the very tip of Cape Horn, as well as the most southerly city, Ushaia, and the island of Tierra Del Fuego.  These were places I learned about in school as a child and never dreamed I would actually visit.  What a privilege!

6.  I have written about a dozen magazine articles for publication and been paid for them (!), not to mention numerous letters to the editor.  I've given up doing the latter.  The letters have become too politically correct or just plain 3rd rate.  I don't even read the Letters to the Editor page any more.

7.  I learned New Testament Greek (forgotten most of it now, except for certain grammatical constructions) and I would have learned Hebrew but my classes clashed on the schedule.  I also learned French for seven years, German for 2 years and Latin  for a year.  I love languages and I SO wish I had learned Spanish.  Short term memory  problems prevent me from learning it formally today but I'm still picking up bits and pieces. Of all the languages German was the easiest for me.

8. I have  knitted several sweaters and a jacket, all good enough to wear frequently.  I have also crocheted five afghans.

9.  I once caught a lady red-handed stealing my purse.   I didn't call security, or hold her at all.  I was too young  and naive to do anything except shout, "Hey, you've got my purse!"  I grabbed it and she took off.  I was just too shocked to think someone would do such a thing.  No street smarts in my younger years -- the 60's.

10. I have about 100 paintings  that I have created in the past 5 years (mostly water colors and mostly less than 8.5 x 11 inches).


We have also been asked to give a recipe -- 'something fallish'.

As I've said before, cooking is not my thing -- but candy is!  At this time of the year Cinder Toffee is a great favorite in England -- Bonfire Night being its inspiration.  If you don't know what Bonfire Night is, please Google it and since I don't have a recipe for cinder toffee you may have to Google that too.

More importantly, I would like to make a deal with Tapestry of Life.  I know a lot of bloggers like to cook and  recipes will probably be a popular item on this meme.  So for the sake of my self-esteem, I propose that all participants continue to post recipes when asked and I be given the special  dispensation of being allowed to post one of my medallions instead,  especially since medallion is a food word...please?  ...pretty please? :)  :) ...only when a recipe is asked for, and I'm not trying to sell them!

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Anonymous said...

You've done some fabulous things in life, Chris. The term "cinder toffee" itself has me intrigued!

Vicki said...

WOW ... you've got some great things on your list and have had some wonderful and unique experiences!

As for the recipes ... there will be some but once I am done working 2 jobs and have time to be a little more creative, hopefully there will be more unique things as the subject.

You can put something that you enjoy to eat or a favorite restaurant or really anything... I'm not fussy. :)
Have a good week!

Rosy said...

In regards to#3: Wow I am learning something new all of the time, didn't know that there is a tunnel behind the falls there.

My that is a lot of paintings, I have more art drawings than paintings, however I have sold many of both. But have no idea at how many over the years I done.

I like your post and thank you for sharing part of your life with us here.

Grammy Goodwill said...

WOW! I don't even know where to begin commenting on this post. You have done so many outstanding things.

kaybee said...

Numbers 5, 7 & 9 were a surprise to me, and I am your SISTER!

German was my WORST subject in school -- ugh!

Mari said...

Hi Chris! You've done some pretty amazing things. That speech thing may have killed me. :)
Thanks for stopping at my blog. I've got some encouragement for you on the colonoscopy - it wasn't near as bad as I was anticipating. Drinking all that prep was a pain, but I didn't get sick or feel awful and the actual procedure was pretty easy.

Mara said...

Five thousand people? I would definitely have fainted. Or stuttered or forgotten the whole thing. I admire you for that. The most I ever had to talk to (free style fortunately) was around 200 and that was when I was still young and up for things like that.

German was the easiest for me to learn too, but that's probably because Dutch and German are so similar regarding grammar and most words!

snafu said...

What a talented cousin I have. You’ve done a lot of interesting things. Some a complete surprise. I once owned a bible written in Greek, Aramaic and Latin and I would have loved to have found someone who could read it. I gave it away in the end, it was much too big for our crowded house. Niagara is less spectacular in the tunnels nowadays since there is too much water being taken from the river for industrial use and this is causing some controversy.
I don’t think you need to have crocheted five Afghans, they are already stirred up enough and many are very crotchety already.

MorningAJ said...

I've never understood why everyone likes cinder toffee. We used to have something my mum called 'plot toffee' which was like a very hard treacle toffee. (This is why I need to see the dentist so often these days!)

ChrisJ said...

SNAFU: You are hilarious! I never know what your going to say next.

AJ: I'm living proof of the connection between dentists and treacle toffee! I daren't eat it now. Isn't cinder toffee the same as the inside of a Crunchie Bar?

jabblog said...

It's always interesting to learn a little more about fellow bloggers. What a clever person you are - so many strings to your bow.
By the way, I think cinder toffee is more of a Northern thing. I could be wrong (frequently am!!) but it's not a sweet I'm familiar with.