Monday, January 16, 2012


Well my silence is over, I think!  Not that it's been very silent, what with all the sniffling and blowing and deep-chested coughing that's been going on here for the past three weeks.  We are both just getting over  nasty episodes of sinusitis and bronchitis. All the coughing has left us exhausted and left little physical or creative energy.  The coughing continues and we are being told that that is to be expected.

So here is my contribution to Kaffee Klatch Friday. -- a  little bit late, but still, I'm here.

The question we have to discuss this week is, "What do we do for 'me time'?" How do we re-energize ourselves in our busy lives? This question was more important to me before I retired.  After I retired I found I had too much 'me time'.  But back in those times we did several things.  Usually I would get the boys set up with something to do for half an hour or so and then I'd tell them that it was now 'me time' so that they understood if I was too busy to come at their beck and call.  Most of the time they were pretty understanding.  Fortunately they were both very good at amusing themselves or doing something together.  I was VERY blessed to have two boys who got along well together  most of the time even though there were three years between them.

Then to balance this out we would make a point of giving each boy some time alone with us.  Often Barry would take it in turns to take one of the boys out for dinner with him, --  one, one week and the other the next week.

As the boys got older, we also made a point of going out to dinner with each other once a week. My husband being a pastor and being 'on call' all the time, it was important that we actually scheduled these times in together.

What I did with my time was a different matter.  I was always a bit hyper, so I needed to give my brain plenty of stimulation.  I listened to a lot of music, especially of the King's Singers, I did a LOT of reading, and I also collected  a good number of puzzle books over the years. They, as well as crossword puzzles kept me out of mischief. I started painting and drawing in my early fifties.  In addition, I made a lot of Christmas decorations for a while and I crocheted a fair number of afghans. In later years, I would spend time sitting out on the patio watching the birds. Over the years I identified 25 different species  that came to visit our garden.

Today, reading, painting, blogging and bird watching are still high on my list of things to do.  And if the cat comes around to play or just to be cuddled as I'm getting ready for bed I take time to do it -- it's good for your blood pressure so they say!

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Diane said...

It is hard to make time for each other as a couple, and for yourself when your kids are growing up. Hubby and I have just go to the stage where we are going out on "dates" together again - mainly because we do enjoy the company of the kids and cherish family together time. xxx

Morning's Minion said...

Our family next door are in the throes of coughing and snuffling. J. and I got off rather lightly for this round.
My daughter and I were speaking today of how we can always get lost in a world of books and how valuable that practice has been as a time of refreshing. Music, gardening, sewing and writing are also very important to me.
And the company of cats is surely good for whatever ails us!

snafu said...

I was sure I had already left a comment here. Just to say, glad you have got past the worst of the coughs and colds, funny that we have had the same thing here over five thousand miles away.

Vicki said...

Thanks for posting! :)
Hope you are 100% soon.

Patty said...

As the old saying goes, better late then never, well that's me. Can't seem to get myself in gear this winter. Hope by now you are all feeling lots better. Have to go check on a roast I have in the oven for supper. Daughter only had to work 8 hours today, so she'll be here to eat with us. I need to think of something to have for dessert. We always have ice cream in the freezer, so perhaps that's an easy way out, only thing is, it's pretty chilly here today. Thanks for your visits.

Anonymous said...

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