Tuesday, February 14, 2012


 It has frequently occurred to me that although most people know the word ‘Evangelical’, they don’t really know what an Evangelical is.  So I thought this would be a good opportunity to explain and clarify, in a hopefully succinct and understandable manner.

There are two highly important things that evangelicals believe without which nothing else that they believe would make sense.

FIRST:  Evangelicals believe that THE BIBLE IS THE WHOLE WORD OF GOD and that all their basic beliefs are clearly taught in the Bible.

SECOND:  Evangelicals believe that JESUS CHRIST (THE MESSIAH) IS GOD and therefore sinless.

It is on these two truths that all other beliefs of the evangelical are based.

Evangelicals believe that the Bible teaches:

……that mankind is basically sinful, that there is no-one who is perfect or who can be perfect in this life since we are born with a sinful nature and a natural tendency towards sinning.

……that the penalty for sin is death. Since no sinner can enter heaven because God is holy and heaven cannot contain sin, man is condemned to death.  Sinful man cannot go to heaven as a sinner, so he must die here on earth in his sinful state.

……that God, in His love, has provided a way for mankind to escape the penalty of death and receive eternal life. They believe that God sent Jesus Christ to pay the penalty by His death for all who want to be rid of their sinful nature and live forever in a perfect environment (Heaven). Because of Jesus’ death, God will pardon all those want it. For his part, all the sinner has to do is first acknowledge that he is indeed sinful, then tell God that he is truly sorry in a heartfelt way for the sins he has committed. Finally he has to accept the pardon (forgiveness) that God is offering by acknowledging that Jesus Christ paid the penalty for him. When that person dies on this earth he will go to heaven to be with the Lord and be given a new, sinless nature and will live in this state forever.


All of the above is what Evangelicals all over the world, in all countries and denominations of the Christian church believe.  There may well be many people who believe all that and don’t know that what they believe is the same as what evangelicals believe.

Beyond these fundamental beliefs that all Evangelicals agree on there are other issues about which we differ with one another. 

For example: how the world was made; how we should be baptized; how and when the world will end; how and when Christ will come again; how and when and to what extent we should evangelize others.

In recent years homosexuality and abortion have become major topics of controversy for Evangelicals.  This is because the Bible teaches that they are sin and Evangelicals believe the Bible is God’s Word.  But then it also teaches that adultery, murder, stealing, lying and such things are also sin.  The difference is that no-one is insisting that Evangelicals must accept, support, employ or allow their children to be taught that adultery, murder, stealing, and lying etc. is O.K.

I do hope that for those of you who have been able to read this blog to the end, I have been able to shed some light on what Evangelicals believe.  In addition, I ask you to understand that as in all religions, there are extremists at either end of the spectrum with whom the majority of Evangelicals have little in common.


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Meryl said...

Enlightening and I loved your point at the end...there are extremists in EVERy camp. Have a great week.

Roger Owen Green said...

I suppose that part of the trick is that, particularly for some Old Testament teachings, the punishment for some activities might be stoning or other harsh punishments, something that, at least in the western world, would be considered barbaric.

So it's tricky stuff.

I could/won't have a debate with you re homosexuality and what the Bible does or does not say about it - see my post.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

photowannabe said...

Really like the way you laid this all out Chris.
Like your ending too.

Gattina said...

I am Lutherian protestant, (my parents were) I think not everything written in the bible is Jesus words, the bible was written by men and translated so many time in so many languages !
ABC Wednesday

Ms. Burrito said...


E is for Entertainment, please come and see.

chubskulit said...

I agree with Gattina.

Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Anonymous said...

E is for enlightening! Thanks

Wanda said...

Right on Chris...Very well done, and says it in a clear and sensitive way... I'm glad you used your E for Enlightenment!

Lisa said...

You touched the tip of the iceberg with this topic! The many layers of Christianity is interesting and people have so many different interpretations of the bible...and Evangelicals! I applaud you for being brave enough to tackle this subject.

kaybee said...

You certainly made it very clear, Chris!

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Even though you and I have diametrically opposed views on matters that are for you religious and for me strictly secular—homosexuality in particular—I nevertheless appreciate your taking the time to describe the basis for your beliefs. It helps with understanding, and understanding is the basis for getting along with people of differing beliefs which, I'm sure you'll agree, is a good thing. Good job!

Jose said...

The difference is that no-one is insisting that Evangelicals must accept, support, employ or allow their children to be taught that adultery, murder, stealing, and lying etc. is O.K.

Very well said Chris. Very good post.