Sunday, February 5, 2012


The topic for this Monday's Twinchie is:   FLYER

Well I thought of a pilot, an airplane, an advertising flyer, but none of them meant much to me.  But birds have always been part of my hobbies.  So the next question was, which bird?  I flipped through the photographs on my computer and found one I had taken while on a cruise a year or so ago and it was doing what a flyer should do --that is fly!  I think it is some kind of an albatross and I know it was very hard  to catch with the camera.  There were quite a few following along with the vessel and I took a lot of shots I had to throw out.

This is the original photo:

With a little enlarging and cropping  and a tilt of the photo I came up with something I could copy.  I used my Prisma Color pencils and a black pen.  

I'm having two problems with these twinchies.  I can't find a black pen that is fine enough and comes out with a clean line.  Also, when I photograph the finished twinchie, I can't get a sharp enough copy from the camera to the computer. I'm still learning the new editing programs on my new computer but nothing does nearly as well as my old digital imaging program, which isn't made  any more.  I might do better with Picasa but I don't have that program on my laptop and I'm a little leery of putting too much on my lap top and slowing it down.  Even though we have the new computer, I like to work with my laptop on my knee in the evenings.

For more Twinchies and Inchies on Monday, click on the link below.


MorningAJ said...

That's gorgeous - and strangely similar to my first thoughts. But I got carried away with a butterfly thing (I had lots of butterfly stickers) and then went a step further than birds - to feathers. (Because I'd never have managed to do a convincing bird!)

Scriptor Senex said...

I like the idea of Inchies. What a marvellous mosaic they would make when finished.

Jane and Chris said...

I like it! In naval lore, an albatross is the soul of a dead sailor...very poignant.
Jane xx

snafu said...

Great albatross twinchie.

Anonymous said...

letting you know I have been following you but not commenting - enjoying your pictures and alphabet!

Trillian said...

That's a very wonderful twinchie. I love images with flying birds.