Saturday, June 9, 2012


So Kaybee beat me to it telling you about her visit to us with Doth.  Well I have been a little slow in getting it posted, but ABC Wednesday for U kind of pushed me into being a little late.

Their very spontaneous visit was great fun!  It's been a while since I went down to San Diego and Seaport village.  Fortunately when it's your sister you don't panic about 'the white glove test' -- but we did do a thorough dusting to get rid of as much cat hair as we could since Kay is allergic to cats.  Our last cat had thick, thick hair but fortunately Scruffy's isn't as thick, though it is beautifully soft.

We crammed as much in as we could into three days, then we left for Boise the day after they left for L.A.

Here we are all enjoying a very good Mexican dinner.  Left to right, Son #1, Partner J, J's daughter, (so good to have them in our family), Kaybee and my niece Doth.  I was taking the photograph (notice the bit of a shake there?  Oh well.) and Moth was just too far for the camera to stretch.

And here's the happy bunch at Menchies -- our favorite dessert place, taken by J with H's help.

I'll try not to steal too much of Kaybee's thunder but thought you might like to see some of the spectacular architecture around the Civic Center and Seaport village.

How would you like to have that top living room window view?  It looks out over the harbor, the Embarcadero and Seaport Village.

Scruffy had his share of attention too.

In fact a good time was had by all -- too short --  and must be done again soon.


kaybee said...

It was a LOVELY time, thanks so much again! But it passed all too quickly, as always!

snafu said...

Looks an interesting place plus all that sunshine and blue skies, a rare sight over here for some weeks.
Scruffy seems to have found a friend.