Tuesday, September 9, 2014


(The following video clip is not intended to be any infringement upon copyright laws.  The song was playing on the car's radio as we were videoing.)

Have you heard of Izzy?  He is that great iconical Hawaiian 700 lb singer so greatly beloved by the Hawaiian people who sadly passed away a few years ago.  One of the things I remembered when we were in Hawaii recently was that I wanted to get a copy of that wonderful CD sung by ISRAEL KAMAKAWIWO'OLE  "Somewhere over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World".

The video clip above is one my sister took while we were on our way to the Kilauea Lighthouse.  I shout out "Look for the goose" meaning the NeNe the Hawaiian national bird which are nesting in this area.  At the same time we were playing my new CD of Izzy's singing.

Millions of people have listened to Izzy sing this on You Tube.  Were you one?  Tens of thousands attended his memorial and scattering of ashes in Hawaii.  Why not take a few minutes and listen to this memorable song which includes the memorial event.  

We have been to Hawaii many times and each time I love it more.

This is my contribution to ABC WEDNESDAY that INSPIRED project started by Mrs. Nesbitt and now continued by Roger Owen Green.  We are in our 15th round and the entries are INTELLIGENT and INSPIRATIONAL.  Why don't you hope over and visit the others who are participating by clicking HERE.


Roger Owen Green said...

I believe that song on the penultimate episode of Dr. Greene, before he dis, on the TV show, E.R. Also on a mixed CD of a couple for which my wife and I were attendants at their wedding.


Uppal said...


carol l mckenna said...

Fun post for I ~ music is always inspiring!

Ann said...

Oh I loved his sound and songs. I sang one of his songs for a Red Hat event.

Joy said...

Beautiful voice.

snafu said...

I had not heard of him before. He does not look very old in that clip. What happened to him?

kaybee said...

I love our little video clip taken in the car, keep playing it over and over!!

Gattina said...

I know the song, but didn't know the singer !

mrsnesbitt said...

A good start to my day Chris! Denise x

claude said...

We can still listen to him on the radio in France.
I love our old barn and poppies.
Have a nice week-end !

Susan Moore said...

Izzy!!! Such a sweet voice and sadly missed.

Black Jack's Carol said...

My students (before I retired) introduced my to Izzy. They LOVED him, and now I do as well, though I'm sad he is no longer with us. So nice to see this post, Chris!