Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's Spring All Right!!!

Oh good grief! Would you believe it? Here it is at ten minutes to eleven at night and a crazy Mocking Bird is singing his head off in the dark!! I haven't heard one singing at night in years. They must be making a comeback. All the other birds are nearly deafening in the morning, but please, not at night! I started gathering some spring flower pictures, just like Wanda. We do seem to think of the same stuff often. I will post them another day as I am tired and need to go to bed early. Yes, 11:00 p.m is early for me.

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Kaybee said...

It was good to see all the photos of our trip -- thanks for posting them! It was a truly wonderful time! Hard to believe that just over a week ago I was standing in that beautiful hot desert. Here in Toronto we have another snow-storm warning for tomorrow -- they say the worst of the winter -- oy veh!