Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Toronto Snow!

So Kay left the desert for this...

Toronto has had more snow than they have had in years. Another foot and a half in this past week. You're probably thinking, "Well that's Canada". Yes, but we lived there for eight years and in St. Paul, Minnesota for another five years and never saw this much snow!

Pretty in the sunset, but look at that car! It's not going anywhere.

But this fellow doesn't seem to mind all the snow. (Cardinal, if you are not bird savvy).

And still it snows! I think they'll be digging themselves out in June!

Do you think we'll be able to persuade her (and Wendy) to move down here? I don't dare tell her what the temperature has been here this week. Though they say it's going to rain at the weekend.

Thanks for the photos, Kay.


Anonymous said...

Wow - our son in Ottawa couldn't get out his back door or his front door!!! Had to go thru garage to escape!

Wanda said...

I did a double take when I clicked on your blog ~~~ I said this is NOT Southern CA....where is Chris~~

Beautiful ~~~ but not for me.

Jose said...

First Souther California living and now dessert living, nope I am not used to anything close to that and I don't think me and my Harley could handle it. lol Lovely pictures though.

Kaybee said...

I guess everything is relative. Would I exchange all this snow for earthquakes, floods, fires...? Hmmm..not sure! I guess the key is to be content with where we are and make the best of it. Anyway, at least I have a sister in California to go and visit once-in-a-while! And spring will be on its way to Toronto soon -- I hope! There is nothing more beautiful than our garden in May. Something to look forward to!

Anonymous said...

Have seen enough snow this year to last me for the rest of my life. LOL

donna said...

Living in upstate NY, I tire of winter by the end of March, but this year has not been as grueling for us as it has been for many in other areas...I loved snow as a child and still love it as a grandmother...the pics are wonderful!