Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh Henrietta!

It looks like Henrietta has actually laid at least one egg! I have not rooted through the bushes to see if there are any more, but these two photos certainly do look like chicken's eggs to me. I did hear her clucking loudly one afternoon and I said to the man of the house as a joke, "Maybe she's laid an egg!".

What ate the eggs is another question, but Henrietta is still around, and so far has left our begonias alone, since I stated hissing at her every time she came near them. Can you train chickens, I wonder?

I heard loud clucking coming from next door today, Henrietta's original home, so it looks like they may have more chickens. I hope their coop is secure. One is entirely enough for us.


I have at last begun working on more ATC's. The first one is a new technique for me -- pen and ink drawing and then coloring.

A Dutch Sailboat

Tropical Trunks

Scarlet Flower


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

your art is beautiful! I wish I could do that in colors - pencils are all I can really work with.

Jose said...

Chris, these are lovely. I wish I had some talent.

Kaybee said...

You do an amazing job on your ATCs, Chris -- very talented you are. I'm sorry it doesn't run in the family!

Poor Henrietta -- looks like she loves your place so much she wanted to raise her chicks there! Or maybe she hoped you would have the EGGS for your dinner instead of HER!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Henrietta broke her own egg - sometimes our chickens did that! You might have to get out there quicker!!! Glad to see you drawing again.