Monday, July 6, 2009

Colorful Fourth of July

We just sat and relaxed for our Fourth of July. It was a gorgeous day -- better than we've had for over a month. So I just sat and enjoyed the flowers. Barry had been doing a little studying for some services he has coming up and as I walked from the patio into the kitchen, this colorful sight met me.

A hot pink theology book -- how's that for something different? "Mark's Superb Gospel" was lying on a colorful brochure that had come in the mail. It was one of Barry's study books without its dust cover on. He usually takes the dust covers off when he is using his books, but underneath was this brightly colored book. What a surprise!

That gave me the urge to look for bright colors and since I was outside most of the day these shots were inevitable, A nasturtium which had spread from the neighbor's yard and which I am now enjoying too. I really think the gaps between the deck slats added to the attractiveness of this photo. I didn't even plan it that way. I was just turning around to see what caught my eye, snapping photos as I went. This was really a lucky shot.

And so was this. These are the flowers of the giant bird of paradise. Just look at that beautiful blue sky. If you look closely, you can see the sugary sap running out of the "beak' part. The birds love these plants -- especially the orioles and humming birds.

Next were the rich purple flowers of the potato vine. They are also like the flowers of the Deadly Night-shade which grows as a weed in England and is poisonous. But I want to rename it with something prettier. I have to give some thought to this idea. I think the word 'star' has to be in it somewhere because of the bright yellow star in the center and the star-like indentations in the purple part. The purple could represent the night sky. So how about Midnight Star?

Right beside the potato vine is one of the feeders. This one is for the goldfinches. No matter how hard I try I just can't seem to get my bird photos in focus. I know my hands shake and the birds move so quickly. Most of our goldfinches are the lesser goldfinch. Not so brightly colored as the regular American goldfinch.

Finally I went out to the front yard to take a photo of our jacaranda tree. It is absolutely in full bloom and a riot of color. This photo doesn't do it justice -- guess why -- it was the bright sunshine. But I'm not going to complain about the sunshine. We on the coast have been waiting for weeks for this kind of weather. Most photographs come out best if they are taken in the first two hours after dawn or the last two before sunset, so I'm told.

Finally "Old Glory" itself gave the day its rightful colors.

Hope you had a great weekend.


Kathy said...

Beautiful photos - gorgeous colours! Sorry I missed the blooming of your Jacaranda tree; it's lovely!

Anonymous said...

We got to celebrate twice last week: Wednesday (Canada's birthday) and Saturday since I am/was American! Really cool summer so far - plants not doing so well as there has been little moisture but now with camp on - it is pouring rain this morning and supposed to continue all day!!! Go figure....the farmers are pleased. I love all your different flowers and birds. Keep taking those pictures and posting.

Wanda said...

Very lovely post.... great colors, and the flag picture at the end very cool!!!

It's nice to have a relaxing 4th. I'm re-cooping after a busy one, and then I had two grandsons over night.... I'm too old for this sometimes... I'm pooped today!!!

claude said...

Nice post, Chris !