Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mortgage Burning

Our new Worship Center was completed in1991. Today it is a large multi-purpose building used primarily for worship and includes Sunday school rooms, prayer rooms, a choir loft and platform area, a balcony and a large kitchen. The main floor is used not only for worship but for dinners, wedding and funeral receptions, youth functions and community purposes. A spacious parking garage was established under the main building with an elevator giving access to the three floors of the building. This enormous undertaking entailed a total of $5.5 million dollars to see the dream come to fruition.

On Sunday July 12th, this year we held a special celebration:

Because of the difficult financial circumstances under which we have all been laboring these past few years, we hardly dared hope.... so it was with a genuine and heartfelt sense of praise and thanksgiving that we held...

a good ole' Mortgage Burning!

Elder Ken Johnson did the honors of the burning and my husband, because he was the senior pastor when the concept and construction took place, delivered a message of praise and challenge for the future.

What a milestone in the history of our church, which has been preaching the Gospel for 85 years in Carlsbad.

As you can imagine, the doxology was sung with great enthusiasm:

"Praise God from whom all blessings flow".


Patty said...

How wonderful that you were able to burn the mortgage.

Rosy said...

What a very interesting story at able to burn that Mortgage...that is the best story I heard yet at winning your all battle to complete ownership.

Happy Sunday.

Jose said...


kaybee said...

Congratulations -- finally!

Cherdecor said...

I imagine that your husband was more thankful than any because of seeing the building being conceived during his time of pastorate. What a wonderful blessing to him as well as for the congregation! I LOVE hearing stories like this one.

Thank you for commenting. I have tracked you down. I lost all URLs and email addresses when my computer crashed. I am working from Alan's computer without access to my own files. He ordered a new computer for me and should be here in the middle of August. Can't wait.

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