Friday, September 25, 2009

The Killer in My Son's Back Yard!

My son was able to get some really great shots of a hawk who visits round his house quite a bit. We think it is a red tailed hawk but I haven't had time to look it up and check details yet. Definitely not a Coopers Hawk.

What drew his attention to it was all the bits of fur and stuff blowing around his driveway.

The area around his house is quite rural and there are plenty of rabbits and squirrels. We think this was a rabbit that the hawk had caught.

You can clearly see he is banded. Son #1 thinks it is about 3 feet tall and has at least a five foot wing span.

Could it be a Golden Eagle I wonder? There are plenty of rocks and cliffs around where he lives.


Speaking of of rocks, maybe I do have rocks in my head!! Went to the physical therapist yesterday. She explained very carefully and clearly how little 'rocks' surrounding the nerve hairs in the vestibular canal (inner and middle ear) can get dislodged causing the nerve hairs which control balance from doing their job properly. In addition, there is fluid in this canal and if you are dehydrated the fluid thickens and the hairs cannot work properly. They are supposed to sway like reeds in a stream as you turn or bend down, and then return to their normal upright position. Thickened fluid or the 'rocks' can prevent them from returning upright. Hence dizziness ensues. She did a couple of movements with my head and then I had to refrain from bending down at all for 24 hours and I had to sleep sitting up for one night.

So much better today! Like someone switched a light on! Such a simple solution to a pesky problem I have had for several years! I have to go back for a couple more treatments and then I'll have a consultation with the neurologist about the other tests I have had.

More than you needed to know, right? But I'm happy.


Morning's Minion said...

The estimated size sounds right for an eagle, but this bird is much lighter than the golden eagles which live in Wyoming.

claude said...

Firstly, sorry about your health problems, Chris.
This hawk is very beautiful, but poor little rabbit. Nice photos.

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful hawk. I am only familiar with those I see here which are the Coopers and Sharp shinned. I would think this one is a bigger bird if he goes after rabbits unless it was a baby or immature bird but the feathers on its chest are mature or look mature.

The inner ear is a nightmare if the hairs don't work. I have had mine flushed out by a doctor but the best I had was some mineral oil was dropped in to soften the ear wax so it could be gotten out. After that the ears worked OK.

kaybee said...

That's some predator - I know it's the law of nature, but it's sad to see when they eat other creatures.

Didn't your sister tell you you have rocks in your head?!! I'm glad you've got to the source of the problem -- hope it's all solved now.

Cherdecor said...

That is a huge bird! Don't let your dog out alone!Just Kidding, but he is a monstrous bird!

I am glad that you are getting help with your health problems. Thank the Lord, it was not more serious.

Carmen said...

That is a nice looking hawk!! Poor bunny though =(
Glad to hear you sorted out your ear problem. Not fun!

Patty said...

Hope the treatment continues to work for you. Nothing worse then being dizzy. Two of our daughters have spells now and then with their ears. The one has to let her head hang over the edge of the bed and do some sort of motion and after a few days it's like the fluid all balances out again. As much water as she drinks I don't know how she could become dehydrated. The other daughter sometimes falls down, and they thought at first she had some disease, called Ménière's disease. Nothing worse though then feeling dizzy.

My ears ring and make noises all the time, but my Grandmother was deaf, my Mother has hearing problems and so do I. My Mothers doctor and mine tell us ours is nerve deafness/damage. Hearing aids do help.

Ken said...

I not sure what kind of hawk it is. I wonder if the band on it's left leg has a clue.

Glad to see your ear problems have been solved.

ChrisJ said...

Thanks for the info Patty. Sounds like your one daughter has the same problem as me. I know my hearing is excellent, for which I am thankful, because I can hear when there is a new bird in the yard.