Thursday, September 10, 2009


I called for the results of my brain MRI and was told "the results were normal for a woman of my age!" WHAT???!!! As I mulled this over, I thought what an innocuous statement! It doesn't mean a thing! What is normal for anyone at any age? My Ladies Bible Study thought it was a huge joke, because most of them are at least 10 or even 15 years older than I am. I guess that's the best answer I'm going to get because my doctor is on vacation this week. At least there's no tumor or other abnormality, but I'd sure like to know what they use as criteria for "normal"!

About two houses away from us there is an empty lot that leads on to a long strip of green area that follows the main road for about a mile. I know once in a while a coyote strays up here and has been seen in our circle. Last Friday was a new moon. My neighbor has a gorgeous new puppy and at about 1:00 A.M. I heard the coyotes howling very nearby. They were closer than I have ever heard them in the past thirty or so years -- like only a few houses away. Bailey is strictly an indoor cat, mainly because of the coyotes, but I was worried about the puppy. However my neighbor says the coyotes wouldn't get any where near him because his other dog, which is a BIG one, would get them first! I think he's right But something large got into our yard that night because it knocked the top piece of our fountain off the bowl, and that piece weighs about 30 pounds. Of course it could have been a large raccoon.

The rufous humming bird has left, so I guess it really was a rufous, because they migrate away from here in the fall. The other humming birds are enjoying a bit of peace at the feeder because Rufous was feisty and aggressive -- but still very pretty.

I will be posting my latest painting at the weekend. It is called The Old Fisherman and is based on that statuette I posted a few days ago.

That's it for now folks. I'll be back soon.


kaybee said...

I think that comment was most offensive. Sort of like talking loudly to an older person, automatically assuming that because they are older they are deaf! But, bottom line is, thank the Lord, they found nothing serious.

That could have been a big raccoon that got to your fountain, as they do often head for water sources, and they have much strength!

Can't wait to see your fisherman -- I may be the first to request a copy!

Wanda said...

I agree with Kaybee ~~ What a rediculous comment.... Of course we might say par for the course, as Jill, when she was having seizures....after months, and many doctors and tests told "you have seizures and will have to take medication" ~~

I too am so happy they didn't find a tumor or mass or something else, but saying it's NORMAL for a woman your age....

Erma Bombeck once said "What is Normal? A setting on the Dryer"

BTW I posted your wonderful beach sunsets on my SWF. I posted a few minutes ago, since I'm leaving early in the morning for my WOF conference.


Cherdecor said...

How crazy! It seems like you deserve a direct answer to your question about the MRI. I don't think you got your money's worth.

Some of those night creatures can be pretty scary. They are also pretty clumbsy too.

Jose said...

A woman your age? What does being 29 has anything to do with it? lol

Happy to hear possitive results.

Patty said...

I'm finding doctors are using that more and more with my husband and me. In fact our one daughter that is only 47, was told that about her back, For her age, she said she left the doctor's office feeling very depressed.

One evening while listening to the local news break, they were talking about and elderly lady getting knocked down, when someone snatched her purse. So I made sure I caught the 11pm news to see if the poor dear was hurt. She was 52 years old. apparently the newscaster must have been 25. LOL

Happy week-end. I need a nap, but have to pick up the Granddaughter in about 30 mins.

Rosy said...

Oh how well do I know that shocking feeling...your age.

Awhile back I had both of my knees x-ray, the results came back normal, but the answer I got from the doctor was....The thinning of your joints is normal with your age and not to be concern about.

Well at least your test's didn't show anything abnormble which is good news there.

I hope your neighbor's pup don't become lunch for them Coyotes,

RuneE said...

I'm glad it was nothing serious! As to the answer, I guess you got the standard letter :-)