Friday, September 4, 2009

September Oddments

Fall is on its way, although you couldn't tell it by our weather. It has been hot and sticky. Some of our hottest weather comes in September.

Below is an ATC I drew of blackberries. We used to go blackberrying a lot when I was young.

I think our Plumeria is actually going to bloom. I don't remember it being as late as this before. This was taken about two weeks ago. The buds come tightly spiraled with small young leaves cupping them around. Today they are looking quite well developed and may even bloom by the end of next week.

I was wondering why the rabbits like our circle so much. They are out there playing most nights. Well. I think I have found the answer. I don't think these are the kind of dates you and I would eat, but they are a large cluster at the top of a Queen Palm planted on the sidewalk across the street, and I found the remains of some in the street where the rabbits play. Problem solved? Maybe.

This is what I call "The Old Fisherman". We bought him years ago because of my love for Flamborough. (See banner above.) This photo came out so well that I decided to paint him. I have almost finished him and will post the painting next week.

The MRI of my brain (to see if anything is there, so my husband says!) was no problem at all. It did sound like someone was drilling up the sidewalk beside me but they gave me earplugs and the whole thing took less than half an hour. I doubt if I'll hear anything about the results until after the holiday now. So I just have to be patient. One more test, the BAER, painless and relaxing so I'm told and then physical therapy to set up. After that back to the neurologist to hopefully get some sound information.


Anonymous said...

I do hope all is well with the test results.

Cherdecor said...

I used to go blackberrying too when I was little. The fields where we picked were also home to copperhead snakes. I always hated to go there, but loved the cobblers my mother baked.

I hope that you get a good report from your tests. I don't know why, but it takes so long for them to get the results these days.

Have a happy weekend!

claude said...

No time this morning Chris ! I will be go back later.

RuneE said...

I liked that drawing - it looked tasty.

PS I wish I could say the same about the temperature :-)

Jose said...

Yeap the blackberries were probably easier to draw than the doorway or the gazebo. he he he.

Enjoy your weekend and put the tests out of your mind, the results will get to you soon enough. I'm praying everything is OK.

kaybee said...

Your plumeria is looking so healthy. We bought one two years ago, and were told that it would be at least two years before it blooms. We are still waiting -- doesn't look like it will be this year, although it has lots of lovely, healthy leaves.

Anonymous said...

the berries made me drool and I would really look forward to the aroma of the plumeria....but I think your fisherman needs more water!!!!

Sandy said...

Glad your MRI went smoothly.

Love your drawing, very nice.

Wanda said...

Your artwork has such a refreshing flavor.... love it. Also love your little fisherman.

Still praying for your test results...

Love and Hugs

Jose said...

LOL I'll be the big 5-0 on September the 18th. Mi chica has a big party planned wish you could join us.