Monday, September 20, 2010


So I've been chosen for a CREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD by Morning AJ  but there are strings attached, so I don't know whether to be honored or not. But thank you AJ  --  I guess! :)  :)  Seriously, thank you for visiting me.  I enjoy your blog and your writing.
However, it has been bugging me all day trying to decide what to write, because the strings are:

1. To thank the one who awarded and link to that writer's blog.  No problem there.
2.  To choose five other bloggers to pass along this award.  That's difficult, because I know some people just don't want to get into it and I don't want to irritate them.
3.  Then worse than that I have to state six crazy things about myself of which only five are true and one is not -- or vice versa.

The truly crazy things about myself  I would just never divulge. In addition my husband says I am disgustingly honest. So do I embarrass myself, or force myself to go against my inherent nature and lie? So is this an award or torture? (Don't take me seriously AJ.  I'm honored when anyone even reads my blog.)

Well here goes:

1. We had the head of an important missionary society for dinner and I dropped the dessert, rhubarb pie and custard, all over his feet. 
2.  I once spoke formally at a meeting of more than 3,000 people.
3.  I have visited and at least stayed overnight in  more than ten different countries.  
4.  I love going to social functions and meeting a lot of new people.
5.  I sold one of my paintings for $70
6.  I can't swim.
7.  I was always known as an airhead... still am.
8.  I once put the butter in the oven instead of the 'fridge.
9.  I hate people singing happy birthday to me.
10. My wedding day was not the happiest day of my life.
11. My favorite animal is a dog.
12. I flew  more than a thousand miles by myself to stay the weekend with my favorite music group, The King's Singers.
13.  I played the part of Satan in a college theatrical.
14.  I broke my cat's leg when it was just a kitten.

I'm on a roll so I thought I'd give you more than your money's worth. The instructions still stand:  Either there is only one true statement above or only one lie.

Now for the recipients:

Kaybee because she's my younger sister and I have to bug her.
Incultus because he has a way with words.
Living as Rosa because I like her blog.
Sandy at Birds, Bees, Bugs and Blossoms because she has a creative mind.
Morning's Minion with whom I have much in common.

Now, all you recipients, be it known to you that if you  are at all averse to participation, please feel free to ignore this. (But I would really like to see what Incultus has to offer because he has a sharp mind and a good wit).


MorningAJ said...

This is excellent and I'm loving the crazy statements. Though you'ved ended up with 14 of them! How many of them are the odd ones out?

I'm going with MOST of them are true but I'm finding it hard to believe that you broke your cat's leg - even by accident. I think your wedding day was very happy but there's an outside chance that you've had a happier day. And I refuse to accept that you're an airhead! :)

Thanks for joining in. I hope your found it fun (in between the torture!)

ChrisJ said...

Hi AJ: Still only one statement is the odd one out in all 14.
I'll give the answer either tonight or tomorrow

kaybee said...

I know, I know -- but I won't tell!

Not sure if I will participate - you know, Chris J, that I am heading towards some major deadlines and am extremely pressed for time. Maybe later.

Cherdecor said...

Hmmm, I think it is number 10. I will be back to find the answer.

snafu said...

Ratbag! Well thanks really but... twelve things! I may be a bit slow getting it together things are busy over her at the moment, just had a once in a lifetime event and I am still composing a suitable post. Got to give a lecture next week and I could probably think up several more excuses too.