Wednesday, September 22, 2010


They are all true except #4.  I'm seriously unsociable  -- big handicap for a Pastor's wife, but I managed to hide it most of the time.

As for #10, "My wedding day was not the happiest day of my life."  It goes with #4.  Being in the eye of all that attention was agony.  I would truly have loved to elope but my family and the groom and his family, would have been disappointed-- except for my sister who hated her bridesmaid dress. However, being married to MOTH (the man of the house) was the happiest decision of my life, (not counting my decision to follow Christ).

And I almost blacked out right before the event  in #2.


jabblog said...

Aww, I wish I'd eloped as my husband wished to do but I always felt my parents would have been disappointed. In retrospect, I think they might have been relieved - who knows??

Elizabeth said...

Wow, 3,000! I would have been on the floor, no mistake!!! It's amazing what we're given the strength to do when we're called to do it. x

photowannabe said...

Glad you clarified why it was not a happy day. I was saying oh dear that doesn't sound good.