Sunday, November 6, 2011


After the heavy rain Friday, the sun shone brightly and those who could, headed for the beach, especially because another storm is forecast for tomorrow.  The sky was blue and temps in the high fifties, or so they said, but it certainly seemed warmer.
Like everyone else we went down to Tamarack beach and the beautiful promenade. Barry was able to get his hour long walk and me my  slow 20 minute one. We saw a number of dolphins jumping.  At first we thought they were whales but decided they were too close in to shore.  This is whale watching season (the California Gray Whale)  There was much excitement a week or so ago when a number of blue whales were seen off the coast for a few days.  That is pretty rare for us.  They were probably after the krill which was quite abundant for a week or so.

The dog walkers were out in force.  These people very graciously, even happily, agreed to let me photograph them.  This is a dog walker's paradise.  Sorry I cut off the top of their heads.  I love my camera but it has one major fault.  It has no view finder and in bright sunshine you just can't see the picture at all in the LCD, so it really is a 'just point and shoot' camera. You have to shoot in faith!

This guy was stretched out soaking up the sunshine but decided to sit up just as I took the photo.  The patch of grass he is lying on is an 'historic' part of Carlsbad. About 25 years ago  someone among the city fathers, decided that we needed a small park on this triangle of grass.  It was designed by an artist in New York and looked just like a big city park -- lots of cement pillars, a shallow reflecting pool, flat concrete benches and worst of all a railing with much larger bars than can be seen in the picture above, separating the road and the ocean.  

Oh what an outcry there was!  A great campaign began:  GET RID OF THE BARS!  Eventually, after months of uproar (almost unheard of in Carlsbad) the city council removed the park and the bars, but not before some settlement had to be made with the designer!  Now it is just a large triangle of open, flat, healthy, lawn-like grass where families sit, little kids play, joggers do stretching exercises and dogs play with their owners or each other. Drinking fountains for man and dog, and doggy poop bags, are available, and restrooms just down at the beach below.  The mile long Tamarack ocean front walk begins here.

This small home faces onto the ocean, with the historic Hwy 101 in front of it.  It is bounded on either side by well designed ocean front condos.  The bright, white picket fence was what caught my eye.

As always, meeting up with other sun and sea seekers happens effortlessly.  I shared a bench with this lady and guess where she was from -- DONCASTER! -- although she has been over here a long while, as have we. She now lives near Palm Springs.  We had a good 'natter' about how we got here and being Yorkshire lasses who both married a lad from Lancashire.

The clocks go back tonight so I thankfully get an extra hour of sleep before getting up to go to church at 10:15 a.m.  Even though another storm is coming in, -- to be followed by two or three more beautiful days -- Sunday will be an ideal day to give thanks for the special blessing of living here.  Even though we have lived here 38 years, we always feel so blessed.  We didn't seek to live here....but   that is another story.  Maybe one day I will tell how it all came about.



Anonymous said...

Gorgeous day, gorgeous post. Beautiful American Bulldog that the dog walkers have there too. Amazing what a small world it is at times, isn't it?

Morning's Minion said...

Although I have been on the waterfront of both the Atlantic and Pacific for vacations, I can't quite imagine living where I could regularly walk on a beach. I know I would enjoy the birds, the dolphins, the long stretch of sand for a walk--but I think I would have trouble getting used to so many people sharing the space.
How lovely that you found the woman from Doncaster--there is something special about a shared homeplace.
We have discovered two families in our KY neighborhood from New England and upstate New York---their speech is a relief amidst all these slurred Southern words which I sometimes struggle to understand!

Elizabeth said...

You wouldn't find much sun in Flamborough today, so I'm glad that you've been able to find it there, Chris. It is bitterly cold and feeling very wintery in Yorkshire. x

kaybee said... now I am wishing I was there :{

By the way, I'm not so sure I would want to lie on that grass, even if the dog-walkers did do a good job of 'pooping and scooping'!!

snafu said...

Nice, pity no one has come up with instant travel - yet, it would be great to just pop to a beach like that.
November the 5th is our fireworks day and it is usually foggy and damp and this year was no exception.

Wanda said...

How pleasant to take a walk with you today. Loved all the pictures, and how friendly everyone was. How special to meet another "Lass"...It poured, hailed and thunder yesterday...and today marvelous sunshine....Only in So. CA.

My instructor at the class at the YMCA I exercise with took her daughter to Puss in Boots, and loved it!

photowannabe said...

We often say your quote at church. I agree wholeheartedly.
I am so very thankful for each day that we live here (Sacramento area).
It truly is God's answer to our prayers.