Sunday, November 6, 2011



I so wanted to go to see this movie.  First, if you visit my blog much, you know I love cats. Second I do like Antonio Banderas especially in ZORRO.  He seems to be very fond of children.  What few movies of his I have seen, he always has a young child figuring in some of the scenes.  He often gives the child a pat on the head or does something that shows his love of children.

Since no grown-ups wanted to go with me, I settled on my 'grandaughter' Haley, even though it was a bit young for her.  She loves cats and school was out for a couple of days for parent/teacher conferences.

It was a great movie!  Soooo cute!  Imagine! Puss-in-Boots' girl friend was called 'Kitty-Soft-Paws'!   :)  And Puss in Boots was another Zorro. It is deliberately slanted towards younger children, but that didn't bother Haley or me.  We didn't go 3D -- too expensive, but I imagine for older children the 3D aspect would make the movie really exciting. 

We had such a great time and followed the movie with a visit to our favorite yogurt place, MENCHIES. I had pomegranite -raspberry (oh, that is SUCH a delicious flavor) with chocolate chips, a couple of cherries and butter finger crumbles.  Haley had vanilla with waffle crunchies and a couple of cherries also.  They actually have about 20 different toppings.

Now look at that sunshine! Yes it was November 1st and the temperature was about 75 degrees at 3.30 in the afternoon.  Today, 3 days later, it poured with rain which came down as snow in the near-by  mountains about an hour and a half away.  Temps in the 50's.  That's southern California for you!


Scriptor Senex said...

It must be a 'time of life thing', Chris. I've started watching children's TV = much better than adult stuff and they manage to get through a whole film without swearing. I wish adult films could do so.

snafu said...

I have been watching kids movies unashamedly for a long time, they are often better than many allegedly grown up ones. Modern animation has produced a string of really watchable movies with both child and adult audiences in mind.
Toy Story, Monsters inc, The Incredibles, Bolt,Hoodwinked, Shrek and many others are all recommended viewing, grandchildren or no.
Puss in Boots is a spin off from the Shrek movies, have you seen any of them? They are very funny and Puss turns up in the third and fourth ones. Looking forward to its release here.

Anonymous said...

I like your shot. Nice to see you enjoying the sunshine and something to eat. Looks like a cup of Java there too. The building laid up in slabs of what looks like limestone also interested me.

As for movies. I don't go anymore. Patty hasn't been to one in ages. The kids all go. If the movie makes it to television then we could watch it.

Anonymous said...

You two look gorgeous, Chris!!

Wanda said...

What great fun...and love the picture of you two. Also love Menchies...get a coupon on line once in a while for a free one.

Will take my grandsons to see this...if not..I'll go alone!!

kaybee said...

What fun! Toy Story 2 and 3 are my favourites (have yet to see #1), and snafu got me hooked on some others while I was in the UK. A bit envious of your temps, but the sun has been shining pretty steadily here, and the leaves are still falling.

Jose said...

OK her we have Yogurt Land and it's great. My duaghters tought me how to pack that yougurt really tight without regards of the weight lol.

Once I was ordering some supplies for work and the lady said, "Don't take this the wrong way but you sound like Puss n' Boots" I said excuse me, and she giggled and said "It's your accent, you speak like Antonio Banderas". Ummm can that be a compliment?