Monday, April 16, 2012


This week's Twinchie theme is Fire.  

Here is my interpretation done with Prismacolors and pen and ink.

To see more Twinchies and Inchies click on this link:


Thought you might also like to see what I did accidentally to one of previous Twinchies which I did for the theme BLUE a week or two ago.  I was playing around with Picassa just trying out what all their options were and I was using this Twichie to experiment with:

I clicked on 'neon' and this is what I got:

I thought it was a fantastic effect compared to my original.


snafu said...

Good Morning (me)/evening (you). Just off to bed I see with the candle to light the way. Nice one.

Trillian said...

I thought about how you would draw your inchie because you already had one with a nice warm fire place.
Here I see another greate idea.

kaybee said...

Great idea for an inchie, ChrisJ, and I love the new effect on your Celtic knot - an idea for next time?

MorningAJ said...

Lovely candle/fire (tw)inchie.
The red neon is very impressive. Have you tried it with anything else?

rtquilter said...

Nice candle, Chris. Did you know that the link on the EIM site does not work- at least not for me. Maybe it is the iPad?

sally rose said...

I love your candle twinchie, looks like a few of us went with the candle idea. Your blue inchie is great in both versions!

ParisMaddy said...

Chris, awesome with the matches.