Sunday, April 8, 2012


The theme this week for our TWINCHIES ON MONDAY is BLUE. 

I have been spending a lot of time recently learning how to draw a Celtic knot. Some are fairly simple and some are very complicated and are more of a basket weave with no ends.  The Celtic knot has no beginning and no ending and so cannot be untied. 

The Celtic knot was originally a pagan symbol but was adapted to Christianity, especially because in its simple form it has no beginning and no ending and the three sections intricately tied together symbolize the trinity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

 Here is my Twinchie - BLUE, in the form of a simple Celtic knot with a little extra decoration.

My colors of blue are not quite as blue as I would have liked even though the colors I used were indigo blue and electric blue.  But sometimes my husband tells me that I am  little blue/green color blind and we had a car once which I insisted was blue but he was sure it was green!

I plan to do at least one more blog on Celtic knots. Since I have put in so much time and effort in learning how to do them I think I should put it to good use.


MorningAJ said...

It's very pretty.

kaybee said...

I think it's lovely, Chris

photowannabe said...

Interesting knot Chris. Well done.
Wanted to wish you a Happy Belated Easter too.
Mad it back safe from Mexico with absolutely no trouble there or at the border.
The local Policia made the rounds often around our compound.
God is good and many people got served this last week.
6 homes were built, 2 classrooms were also built plus some repair work done on several pastors homes.
Festivals were done, VBS' was done in 24 different churches, each day, homeless were fed, shut ins were provided necessities and our teens were amazing.
Lives were changed and God was honored.

Jose said...

You know I am a fan of your drawings. I like them all. Happy belated Easter too, although we are still on Easter. Too big a day to be contained just into one. :-)

ColourFly said...

This is great. I would like to see more of the celtic knots. Sounds very interesting!!!!

Kate said...

You have a great deal of patience!!

Trillian said...

I love your twinchie.

snafu said...

I have missed a few postings being busy. Nice Celtic knot, simpler than your later one I see. A survey once made on several million Europeans showed that 70% or so of men have some kind of colour deficiancy. Significantly more than women, so perhaps your husband is wrong and you are right. I always defer to TBH's opinion.

ParisMaddy said...

Very nice. I love Celtic knots and it looks great in blue.

Your Celtic tutorial was really helpful. Thanks.