Sunday, April 29, 2012


 Nests are made of twigs among other things and it's spring!  At least I think it is.  The weather keeps everyone guessing, but then that's April.  It will be May tomorrow and we here on the coast will have our usual May Gray followed by June Gloom.  But at least we can jump in the car and go inland about 15 minutes and we'll be complaining about the heat. 

Please visit  Every Inchie Monday and see other's interpretations of TWIG done on Inchies or Twinchies  in a variety of media and if you can we'd love for you to join us with your interpretation.  You have all week :)

I guess I will not be having cataract surgery after all - at least for a while.  According to my health insurance the cataract is not large enough to be covered by my health insurance so I have to go back in a month.  Since it is growing very slowly I think it may be another year!  Felt sorry for the doctor who had  to tell me.  He doesn't like the insurance policy any more than I do.

Our beautiful Oriole and his wife are back for sure and are visiting our grape jelly dish regularly.  The male is just a gorgeous, bright yellow, but in the evening clouds he looks more orange.  I have photos from other years, but I want to get a photo of this one this year.  The male is very skittish, but the female is a little more brazen. So  a photo is coming, one day.

By now everyone who visits me knows my passion for Flamborough, UK.  hence the name 'Flamblogger' . I had a  wonderful surprise today.  This is one of the fun things about blogging.  I have been visiting Jane and Chris at the Maple Syrup Mob and today I had an email from her telling me to visit another blog because she has just visited Flamborough and taken a  BUNCH OF WONDERFUL PHOTOGRAPHS OF FLAMBOROUGH.  Do go and visit her, they have made me thoroughly homesick!  Thank you Jane for giving me a heads up on this.  They are great photos.  So thanks to Blogger (even as I am muttering about its reluctance to do what I want it to do) we went from Canada to Southern California to Flamborough UK and then to my sister in Toronto and now to all of you. 
Thank you Jane.
I'm going to quit now before I lose everything as Blogger is acting up .
Visit ABC WEDNESDAY this week for more about Flamborough.


Trillian said...

Love your nest- you should see my unfinished inchie from yesterday ;-)

I am very happy that you not having surgery!

Have a nice week.

snafu said...

Nice twinchie, twigs make a great link into your post. It certainly is spring here, it has not stopped raining for weeks. We do need it mind you. We have a breeding pair of great tits in our garden and like you I an trying to get pictures but they are never still. Sorry to hear the op is postponed.

Jane and Chris said...

Your nest painting looks just like the nest I am keeping an eye on through my binoculars!
Jane x

kaybee said...

Your inchie is very sweet - you do very well, in spite of the cataracts.

We call them Orioles here, but I am sure they are the same bird - lovely and bright yellow/orange. We have never been able to catch one on camera yet - they don't stay still for very long.

LOVE the photos of Flamboro - thanks for sending the link. I could almost hear the waves and taste the salt-spray!

rtquilter said...

Love the little nest, Chris!

ChrisJ said...

Kaybee: You're right -- old age!! Orioles it is I will see if I can change it, but blogger was very temperamental last night.

Everyone else: Thank you for taking the time to reply. I still have to look at all the entries and other blogs.

Meanqueen said...

I am so pleased you like my photo's, thank you for looking. I'm off for a nosey round your blog now. Scruffy is not scruffy, he is gorgeous.

ParisMaddy said...

Hi Chris, what a sweet nest. makes me want to snuggle right into it.

sorry about your insurance snafu. darn insurance companies telling doctors how and when to treat. grr.

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