Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Prayers Needed for People of Toronto -- and Others

Just heard from my sister in Toronto, Canada. After 3 days  without power with temps around 10 degrees F  indoors! and cooking on a camp stove, they have decided to move into a hotel.  No power expected until the weekend.  Trees down everywhere, transformers exploding etc. etc.  We are thankful they at least had the means to do that and that she has family close by.  They have been heating water on a camp stove, filling hot water bottles and holding them against them while wrapped in comforters and haven't eaten a proper meal for three days.

I'm sure there are plenty of others in similar straights.

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Powell River Books said...

What a horrible way to spend the holidays! Sending my prayers that way for sure. - Margy

Wanda said...

Oh dear, your sister...I was just thinking about her coming to visit you when MOTH is gone.

Saying prayers.

photowannabe said...

So sorry Chris. Praying for your family and those suffering through such difficult times.

kaybee said...

Thanks so much for all the prayers. We came to the house this morning to find that the power is back...hallelujah! We are so grateful to see that previously darkened areas of the city are gradually becoming light again. Our hotel was virtually full of people whose homes were without power. My heart goes out to the elderly and infirm...of which there were many where we stayed. So hard especially for them. This has been an enlightening experience for us. It was not really a disaster, those trees that became matchsticks could have been houses if there had been a tornado rather than an ice storm. I think we will have much more empathy when we see and hear of people going through actual disasters, from now on. We are grateful to God for His goodness, and praying for those who are still in distress.

snafu said...

Glad to hear Kaybee is back home with electricity. Just shows how much we depend on the stuff. Many folks in the UK have been flooded out over Christmas and the New Year and the weather is still threatening more. Not so cold here but no electricity and no habitable ground floor is no way to spend the holidays. Some have only just got back into the their homes after last year's floods. We have been very lucky and missed the worst, our new local flood defences seem to have worked.