Tuesday, December 17, 2013

W O W !!!

Here's WHY I'm surprised.... . here's WHAT happened...

On Friday, my beautician (poor girl, and she has to work with me! But that's what they like to be called professionally) Anyway she had this Christmas ornament on the shelf in front of the mirror:

Maybe you have seen it before, but I haven't and it certainly made an impact. 

Now I'm very conflicted about Christmas. Truthfully, I wish everyone would leave it alone so I could celebrate it the Way I Would like to. (Please don't respond to this part of the blog because I don't mean to get into this issue. It's just background information.) Just suffice it to say that the ornament touched a chord in me that reconciled my two elements of conflict: commercial and religious .

This is where the W0W comes in.  I am also very conflicted about my relationship with computers.  I think most of us have experienced this.  It's a love/hate relationship.  So much potential for good, so much that is frustrating and aggravating.

Here's the good news....

I saw this ornament for the first time in my life on  Friday afternoon. I immediately decided I wanted to buy one each for some friends, but WHERE am I going to find them???? After my appointment, I tried a few Christmas stores in the mall and soon realized I wasn't going to get anywhere with that.

So the WEB was the next obvious step.  That night (WHEN...only a few hours later) I found it  on the Web...I ordered three of them.....they were delivered to my door Monday evening !!!
When could that have ever happened before computers?  I am very impressed.

This is my entry for ABC Wednesday letter W.  Many, many thanks To Mrs. Nesbitt and Roger Owen Green ( I have to put his full name because my son's name is Owen !)  for their wonderful willingness to continue this meme week after week.  Please visit HERE to see other entries to our project.  They maybe whacky even, but I guarantee you will find something of interest.


Roger Owen Green said...

Interesting issue. I have made peace with the Santa/Jesus thing.

Leslie: said...

I can see your conflict but like Roger, I've made peace with it - isn't peace the whole idea?

abcw team

Wanda said...

I have a cousin that sends a Christmas card each year that shows a Santa and Baby Jesus.
Even Santa knows.....

Merry Christmas Chris.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Persistence pays off. Happy holidays.

snafu said...

I must say that ornament says something special. I do not believe in either, but I still think Christmas should be more about Christ, not Mammon.

Ann said...

Well I've seen this ornament and I love it too. I've also seen large paintings in the same thing.
Lucky you to get such fast delivery.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I think that people fear the computer and that is perhaps one of the reasons they don't like it. Yes, it does allow easy access to bad things...but it also allows ease of access to good things. You find what you look for. I'm glad you were able to find what you were looking for so quickly.

Barbara said...

Agree, computers great when all going well but such a pain when they break down somewhere. don't know where I would be without one these days. On line ordering is so efficient and then there is the on line grocery shopping that makes life easier!

Mersad said...

Internet shopping can be great. Especially when you live in a place where you wouldn't usually find those things.

Mersad Donko Photography