Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Sleepy cat, sleepy cat, soaks up the sun.
Tummy full, tummy full, breakfast is done.
One last long stretch and a twitch of an ear,
Contented deep sigh; there's nothing to fear.

Sound asleep, sound asleep-- somewhere in space.
Drifting and dreaming; warm, comfy place.
Soft, gentle breathing, -- but make no mistake--
One chirp from a bird and he's up, wide awake!


Milton I'm not, but this was just for fun. I brought
the sheep rug on which Bailey is dreaming, from
North Wales a few years ago. It's not real sheepskin
and washes quite well. Note the silver, crushed velvet
bed to the left. Do you think this cat is spoiled?


I'm getting some photo ATC's together. It's been a
long while since I posted any. To view them, click on
the side bar to the right at ChrisJ's Photo ATC's

1 comment:

Wanda said...

I adore spoiled cats and dogs, they are the best! Great shot of a lovely cat!