Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Oh dear! Fog, wind and rain for a whole week.
You can't even see the top of the radio mast at
the fog horn station in this photo -- and that's the
North Sea out there.

First the fog...

then the wind...

Those cliffs are about a hundred feet high (the
chalk part).

The skies over the lighthouse looked ominous.

Then came the rain! It bucketed down -- so much that
the footpath of steps down to the beach at North
Landing became a series of waterfalls.

But we sisters, (Kay and I,) took advantage of
the dry spells. (Sorry about the sunglasses, they
darken automatically). Look at all the school children
in the background who came in bus loads to see
Flamborough Head and the caves. This area is
noted for its geological significance, hence the school

But why did Kay and I brave the weather? Because
we grew up there -- about a hundred yards away
from where this photo was taken.

In this aerial view you can see where our house used
be located. The houses with the red roofs are on
right side of the lighthouse road. On the left side of
the lighthouse road, where those houses bend
to the right, there is a patch of dark green and the
light green of the golf course right-angles into it.

Our house was right there.

Yes, our father was
the manager of the golf course.

If you would like to know more about Flamborough,
go to my web site
The first couple of pages are about my book, but
the rest of the pages are about Flamborough.


Anonymous said...

I love to watch the ocean during a storm - from a safe distance! Weather can be so intimidating...

Wanda said...

Chris: These pictures are so beautiful....everyone of them! I really like your narative that goes along with them.

I'm making my rounds so late tonight....Been one of those hectic, busy days!!

Libbys Blog said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I always love reading about other peoples visits to the UK. It makes me look at it with a diiferent view.
My mum lives close to Chester and you are right it is indeed a beautiful city. North Wales on a good day in good weather is magnificent as you have seen.
Those Cotswold stone cottages, so picturesque.
It looks like you may have missed most of the horrendous rain we had/have. Although the impromptu waterfall does add a new dimension to the scenery!!!!!!