Monday, July 30, 2007

My Souvenir Tea Set

A year ago, I had just the blue mug with FLAMBOROUGH
HEAD written on it. I'd had it a good number of years
-- maybe even ten years.Then one day I was browsing
eBay for Flamborough memorabilia when I came across
the sugar bowl. I had no idea there was a sugar bowl to
this set in fact I didn't even know there was a set! Anyway
I purchased it and then continued to browse e Bay for the
creamer. I reasoned that wherever there is a sugar bowl
there has to be a creamer. It was a good number of months
before I found anything else, then suddenly
I came
across the teapot! Another surprise. I purchased
the teapot and continued to watch for the creamer. Then
just before we left to go to England for a month, the creamer
appeared on eBay. I purchased this. The last two items
I picked up from the sellers in England while we were there.

So now, here is my set, only valuable to me because they
are from my village and because I didn't know they existed.
(I think they cost less than $20 for all four pieces!)


Anonymous said...

I love finding special/rare pieces on ebay! Such a good feeling when all connections are made!

Libbys Blog said...

You can buy anything on Ebay! My sister works for a Health Plan Insurance company and has to research illnesses etc on the net and apparently you can buy them on Ebay too!! I did laugh!!! One hemaroidectomy please!!!!!!!!!lol!!