Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Carlsbad Flower Fields

Feeling a little down in the dumps, the man of the house and I decided to go visit the Flower Fields. This is just half of the fields, the other half is not fully in bloom yet so there are still about 4 weeks of blooms left at least.

The flowers are Ranunculas. The spring after 911 they had a huge American flag in red white and blue flowers.
Yes I am sorry to say that is a power plant on the horizon -- right on the beach. If you're just passing through that's about all there is to distinguish Carlsbad from other beach towns -- except when the fields are blooming. That's sad, because there is so much more to Carlsbad.

Here is one without the power plant. They keep promising us they will take down the chimney stack, but who knows when that will happen! And yes, that is the blue Pacific Ocean on the horizon. It was a cloudy day and the wind was a bit too cool, but it was good photography weather.

A tractor pulling a cart takes you all around the fields if you don't want to walk. The fields lie parallel to the Freeway (Hwy 5) but you only get glimpses of them from there. You have to come off at Palomar Airport Road.


Kostas said...

Splendid photographs, amazing colours of flowers and informative comment.
This characterizes one marvellous post!

Anonymous said...

Those are really bright colors. I like your photos.

Abraham Lincoln

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

the colors are beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

As we had snow Saturday and again last night your flowers were a refreshing change. Our 5 year old grandson wants no more snow so decided that 'somebody has poured salt on our cars, roofs, trees, etc' - good imagination! Waiting to hear what the 'green thing' is!