Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mix 'n Match

On our way to the Flower Fields yesterday, we stopped at the fancy hotel nearby. Since Carlsbad is known for another kind of flower, I decided to take a photo of them -- Bird of Paradise. This flower was developed in Carlsbad and you will find them everywhere here. It is nice because they bloom throughout the winter also. (The flowers in the foreground are bouganvillia)

Close-up of Bird of Paradise. If you don't know what that green thing in the background is I will tell you tomorrow.

Still on the subject of flowers, (don't worry, spring will soon be finished and I'll get over my 'flower fad ph(f)otos'.

Here we have yet more daffodils -- purchased a week ago and a basket of flowers (almost done, but still doing well,) left over from Easter -- two weeks ago, no less. No more daffodils now until next year, but we have had them on our patio table (courtesy of Vons) since the beginning of March.


Bailey and Henrietta, door open.

"I'm Keeping my eye on you!"

Henrietta is still thriving. Our begonias are doing well. I think she is leaving them alone because now I set out a small dish of water for her in the ivy. She probably needed moisture. In fact, as you can see from this photo, she is even leaving the nasturtiums alone, although she has made the planter her bed. But the nasturtiums are clinging on tenaciously to what soil she has left in the planter.

This is Bailey's favorite past-time. I am struggling bravely to get a couple of photos of him when he is doing something active! Which isn't very often!

"Now I lay me down to sleep..."

Too cute for words!


Wanda said...

Oh Chris ~~ what a delightful post~ Love the flowers, and it does my heart good to see a cat praying. I need to teach that to Molly!!


Kaybee said...

Your phlower photos are beautiful, Chris! The Bird of Paradise is such an awesome creation it leaves me breathless. And Bailey praying? How cute is that?!

Jose said...

I love flowers as they are beautiful but I have yet to learn to take pictures of them. lol At least you and Wanda have that covered. lol Love your post as usual.